It’s a mistake to build a music career without following any kind of formula for success. Musicians who become very successful follow one specific and proven formula to put themselves ahead of the competition.

The proven formula for music career success is as follows:

V*P-R = success potential.

V = value

P = proof of that value

R = risk

You want to maximize your value and ability to prove it. You also want to minimize the risk you carry to any company/band opportunity. Here are just a few ways to do it:

Build A Database Of Your Fans

Music companies and other musicians in the industry look for if you have a strong work ethic and the self-motivation to be successful on your own before they work with you. Building a large database of fans displays high value in both of these areas. It shows that you: a) have put in a lot of work to convince fans of your value (so they want to stay in touch with your music career) b) actively work hard to grow your music career on your own. The larger the database you have, the more value/less risk you offer to those who want to work with you.

Learning How The Music Business Works From An Expert

A massively successful music career is not built entirely on your own. Working together with a mentor helps you understand how the music business really works. This is the easiest way to learn how to add value and reduce risk when working with others. A mentor also helps you understand the correct strategies to use for achieving your music career goals faster than you ever could on your own.

Develop The Mindset Of A Successful Musician

Without a success-oriented mindset, you’re likely to create risk for others without even knowing it. Developing the right mindset prevents you from doing things to sabotage yourself. By working with a music career mentor, you learn why certain actions make you a valuable asset to others and how to maximize this value.

Maximizing your value makes you the #1 choice for any music career opportunity and puts you far ahead of any competition. Learn why beating the competition is easy by reading this music industry advice.



Author's Bio: 

Tom Hess is an electric guitar teacher online and a music career mentor. After creating the Music Careers Mentoring Program, he has coached many musicians to achieve great things in the music business. See how you can reach your music career goals by reading these resources for the music industry.