Solar energy is known as a great source of electricity. Comparing it to non-renewable resources, like oil and coal, solar power is unlimited. If you are planning to install solar panels at your home, you probably did a little research on the benefits that you can get and what the downsides are. Yet if you are still undecided, you need to dig deeper to help you decide whether you should get them or not.

Here are some of the pros and cons of getting solar panels.


  1. Lower electricity bills. Unlike the traditional source of electricity, the use of solar panels can result in a low electric bill. Therefore, financial savings are the number one benefit of solar panels. You no longer have to worry about your electricity bill if you wish to turn the air conditioner on overnight, and you can even watch TV as long as you want, and more.
  2. Environment-friendly. Solar energy is a renewable source. We don’t deplete the sun’s energy by using sunlight to produce electricity. One more thing, no harmful gases are released into the air whenever we turn sunlight into electricity, which is definitely good for the environment. Less air pollution leads to a healthier planet. Nowadays, we can feel climate change, that’s why we always have to think of ways to save the environment.
  3. Increases the value of your home. Besides being environmentally friendly, another advantage of having solar panels is the increase in home value. If you wish to sell your house, installing solar panels is a good idea to increase its selling price. Studies showed that a home with solar panels sold faster than those without. Potential buyers are willing to pay more and close fast when they knew that the house is equipped with solar panels.


  1. Solar panels are weather-dependent. One downside of using solar panels is that they are purely dependent on sunlight. Although you can still collect solar energy during rainy and sunny days, you will notice the effect on the electricity supply. Rain will more likely lower energy production.
  2. Solar panels can be expensive initially. If you are planning to get solar panels for your house, you have to know that the cost can be quite high initially.  However, there are often note-worthy tax credits available that will offset your costs for the panels, batteries and installation. This means a significant savings on your utility bill. It is also the main reason why having solar panels increases home value.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of installing solar panels, and listed above are just some. The bottom line is, even though you may make a big investment at first, what matters most is the benefit you can get in the long run. Not only are you making financial savings when you choose to use solar panels, but you are also being kind to nature.

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