India is known for joint families for a long time. So, there will be a lot of arranged marriages happening in the country. If it is an arranged marriage, the task of selecting the groom or the bride will be on the heads of the parents. For example, if we see the Tamil Thevar caste people, they prefer arranged marriages with their ancestor blessings, So for them, the matrimonial sites like Matchfinder are the perfect destination for their dreams and they will look for a place to find the best partner for their son or daughter.

Matrimonial services are not in decline

Everybody will be thinking that the need for matrimonial sites and match-making is no more with the rise of social media and the increased connection between the opposite genders in society. But in fact, this is not true. Still, the majority of Indian marriages are happening with the selection of the bride or the groom by the family members and the number of love marriages is not up to the level. If the marriages are arranged by the parents, their only option is to go for a matchmaker. Like the increased ease of connection in social media, the technology has also made it easy for them to surf thousands of profiles for their kid’s marriage through matrimonial websites. So, the difficulty in searching around for a matchmaker guy is also no more. Hence, one can say that Indian society still relies on matrimonial websites to a greater extent for the matchmaking process.

What are they offering?

The main objective of a matrimony website is to offer profiles and details of the people looking for marriage in and around the country or the region covered by the website. Some of the features of a matrimonial website are as follows, you can add your profile picture and can set it to show the picture only to the people you are interested in. It will ask for the provision of your preferences for the partner and will show the matching results. There will be a match rating that will show you how much the person suits your interest. You can reach the person of interest using the chat facility and can note down their contact details if you are a paid member of the website.

Varieties in matrimonial websites

Since the database of a matrimonial website will have thousands of profiles, there is a way to filter them down to a few results that are matching your needs and requirements.

Community or religion – Some websites will allow you to filter out only the profiles in your community or religion. Since most of you will be searching for a match within your community, this option will be fair enough to provide your ease.

Elite services – On these websites, you can find members matching your financial status.

Region or language – The profiles will be from your locality and will be your preferred language speakers.

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