Polo T-shirt is recognized to be an integral part of latest fashion trends. These t-shirts play an indispensable role in maintaining classic and unique appearance. Though rooted traditionally in preppy and tennis playing vibe, there are several ways in which we can make the t-shirt fit into a wide variety of styles.


As stated before, the polo t-shirts are worn generally in a smart and casual setting. There are places other than the golf course and country club where you can wear them. For breaking away from the clinched look, you should pick a relaxed long and sleeved design that comes in darker color. This indicates you can procure basic shape of a polo shirt with unique buttons and collar. However, you should not wear short sleeved design which everyone is accustomed to. You should change up the look to something less conventional as this may change the entire vibe of your clothing and confer a formal style.

However, if you are not dressing the remaining portion of outfit for fitting the look, the casual vice is not going to work certainly. You should say no to clothing which is too tailored. You should go for something which is more comfortable. A pair of black joggers is recognized to be more versatile that you think. They can fit in a perfect manner with the aid of long and sleeved polo shirt. You can leave the shirt untucked but should ensure that it is not hanging past the hip.


In case you are not sure of how to maintain the balance between casual and smart, all you should know that chinos should be the choice. With a wide range of shapes, styles, and colors of chinos, you can find one pair at ease which veers away from the formal look, thereby embracing a casual look. You should be choosing a light color such as blue chino in the straight leg which will keep the legwear to look sharper and cleaner.

For polo T-shirt, you should be going little smarter with the shape. You should go for short sleeve design and ensure that it is fitting in a neat way around the waist and arms. You can go for color coordination in case you are willing to keep the outfit pulled together. You can tug the polo shirt for procuring a neater look. For shoes, in case the outfit is verging more on the casual side, you should go for formal suede loafers. In case the entire look seems too smart, it is possible to balance the same with the aid of clean and white trainers.

For a preppier look which appear amazing during summer days, you should be swapping out the chinos for one pair of shorts. You can try slightly tailored pair in either a patterned or block colored design. In case the shape is more formal, you can go for an abstract pattern. However, in case the shape is more relaxed, you should stick to plain color for keeping things balance between casual and smart. You can complete the look with the aid of neutral colored loafers in a lighter tone.


Simplicity happens to be the key for a smart look. You can steer clear the patterns as this will lead to casual appearance and keep the shirt slim and well fitted so that it can be tucked at ease into the trousers. It is recommended to keep outfit smooth without loose fitting areas. Hence, tucking in the shirt is a prerequisite. It is recommended to keep color tone darker as this will make you appear sharper, slimmer and more formal.

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