It is needless to say that the demand of multilingual is tremendous in the hospitality industry which includes hotels, aviation’s, travel agencies, cruise lines and others. Chinese is one such language that is prominently used in the hospitality sector. Expertise in the language opens up lucrative opportunities in the hospitality field. The industry is never short on glamour quotient and famous for allowing professionals to travel, whether it’s a cruise line or a chain of resorts. Along with English, the ability to speak in Chinese language can be a boon for career aspirants and job seekers.

There are gamut of positions that helps candidates to utilize their Chinese speaking and communication skills. Besides India and China the foreign hospitality market of Europe and USA can help bilinguals to garner lucrative jobs. For instance, their language skills and multiculturalism will be hugely appealing to the world-class hotels and restaurants with great amenities because they often depict an international sophistication that Chinese speaking skills will only strengthen.

Chinese and other linguistic skills are in demand because it helps these facilities be more ethically pertinent and show hospitality to their customers and visitors from across the globe. This impacts the organization’s image and provides employees more power while interacting and negotiating.

Learn Chinese and get better jobs

Pursuing a Chinese language course in Kolkata would help people to become certified and develop the skills, aptitudes, and credentials to be eligible for suitable vacancies in the hospitality field all over the world. The course will enable them get priority from employers and added advantage with specific set of skills.

In the aviation sector of the hospitality, bilinguals can find jobs as flight attendants, and become a part of ground staff and cabin crew team. With fluent communication skills in Chinese language and pleasant personality, they can build an excellent career in this field and go a long way.

The number of hotels and resorts are increasing and those with modern amenities are a huge attraction for visitors. Millions of tourists reserve them for their world-class suites, gyms, spas, restaurants, bars etc. In these top hotels and resorts, Chinese language speakers have the opportunity to work as liaison officers and tourist guides and communicate with Chinese visitors, explain amenities of the resorts, plan holiday itineraries, accompany them in their sightseeing trips, and guide them to their assigned rooms.

There are plenty of jobs to work in cruise liners and others where candidates have to be adventurous and travel frequently. The prospects of working in sophisticated shopping malls are also huge as they keep on hiring professionals who have the ability to interact fluently with the customers in Chinese language.

According to a survey conducted, the demand for multilingual talent has doubled in the past five years. This is good news for multilingual hospitality personnel, who are now more highly in demand than ever. Therefore, undertaking a Chinese language course in Kolkata can be a huge advantage to work in the globalized hospitality business.

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Laxmon Gope is a renowned freelance content writer and digital marketing specialist. Prior to writing this article on Chinese language course in Kolkata, he worked as a foreign language specialist and researcher in a reputed university.