Time is confusing to many people, and we need to discuss it. When we get caught up in the idea of time in this material manifest, we are not able to move forward. It’s time to understand time!
Time is not real
I am going to give you a shocker. Time is not real. Time is relative. We all know how fast time goes when we are on vacation. In contrast, if we are in a rough situation, we know how slowly time can pass. This is a mental thing.
Perception of past and future
Let’s understand that the past is gone, and the future is nonexistent. The past is whatever meaning you give to it: guilt, excitement, happiness, or something else. Whatever happened, even a moment ago, is just electricity in our minds.
We perceive events and give meaning to them. The past is gone, but the meaning we give to it remains. We can change our future by looking at our past differently. What is amazing is that everyone perceives differently. Whether appreciating art or not, or interpreting our past, it’s all based on individual perception.
The future is nonexistent and has not occurred yet. Many people live in anxiety and worry about things that have not happened yet and have no meaning yet. People worry about bills, goals, dreams, and rent coming up when they don’t have a job, but living in your mind is going to cause nothing but anxiety.
Continuum of the now
In order to execute a game plan, you need to focus on this moment. You need to focus on a game plan that is going to change this continuum of the now. The future is a continuum of the now. It’s just this moment. That is a powerful statement.
This moment is all we have. The future will obviously come, but it is not what we think it is. It may not even be what we perceive it as. From a very practical personal development viewpoint, as well as metaphysical viewpoint, this is very challenging for us to understand. Einstein figured it out before we did. He knew time was relative.
We need a measurement. Time is a unit of measurement for us. What is unique about time is that it can go fast for some people, and slow for others. We need to understand that all we have is this moment. It is the actions that we take in this moment that will solidify the beliefs that will change our continuum of the now, to have those dynamic life experiences.
Yes, we want to focus, we want to plan, we want to have goals, and we want to make sure that the continuum of the now is going to be fabulous and get better and better while we ride the wave. As we do that, we have to act now in order for it to happen.
One percent incremental change per day
I talk about incremental change at the rate of one percent per day. If you start now and write down what you need to accomplish, and focus on one percent per day, in this moment, you will move forward. You will experience exponential growth in the tasks you are establishing, especially in the Sacred 6. Greatness comes from doing the daily tasks great, and then doing them consistently. If you are always in the future in your mind, you cannot focus on the tasks at hand to make a major difference in the future, in the continuum of the now.
Intelligence and analysis
What is holding us back from moving forward? More than likely if you are listening to this, you are very intelligent. The more intelligent you are, the more difficult it can be to comprehend this. The more intelligent you are, the more difficult it can be to get into a metaphysical mindset, because you are always analyzing and getting stuck in the past or the future. It’s great that you are intelligent, but you are missing out. You are not living your life. It is paralysis by analysis. You are stuck in the thought, instead of being stuck in the life. That is where we want to be, in the life with the dynamic experience. That is the now, that is this moment, not some future moment.
A lot of people daydream and get caught up in the future. They think it will be better, and that relieves them of the stress of today. The only thing that will relieve you of the stress of today is realizing that you are the miracle of birth, realizing that we live in pure potentiality, and realizing that if you take action today it will make the continuum of the now better.
If you get organized, and you attack this with a plan to improve one percent every day, and you do it consistently over time (not for one or two weeks), you will get better. Whatever you are taking on, this is what you have to realize. Over the last nine months, I have been training consistently and I see the results. My new thing is to take up salsa. Believe me, it is scary. I know if I focus on one percent per day, I will get the exponential growth, and I will get good at it.
Whether you are working on an Internet business, your life, or moving into a different career, it is the small, consistent activities over time that is going to yield the big results. You understand that this is not done in the future or the past. It is done right now. That is why the Sacred 6 is so life changing. If you can focus on the task at hand, you will be great in the moment, the only moment you have. It is the reality. It is the gift; that’s why it is called the present, right? You’ve heard that before.

Psychological time
All time is psychological. It is not really there. We have to adapt and make the most of what we have. In a practical sense, tomorrow is never promised. This is not a rock ‘n’ roll, sex and drugs lifestyle. That is not the point. We understand that we need focus and clarity. We need maximum efficiency, peace and happiness, to be in control, and to understand that we are moving forward at all points.
Get fired up, but not because something is going to change in the future. Get fired up because you are changing it now. As you move forward toward the things that you are after, it’s not the thing, but the person we become along the path. That’s what it is about. That is the greatness that comes day in and day out from focusing on one percent improvement—the greatness, life, and energy.
Get in this moment. Have peace, happiness, and abundance in all areas of your life.
Life is too short. It is time to live a dynamic life and not get caught up in the past or stuck in the future in worry and anxiety. We need to clear that all out and realize it is what it is. It is just memory traces of the past stuck in the mind, or being stuck in the future.

No matter how intelligent you are, it is time to step back, work one percent per day, and be in the moment living life. I am going to cherish the seconds and the moments, because those are the seconds and the moments where I can build whatever life I am building. It is so important to engage the moment.

Let serendipity occur. When you put out the good vibes and you get direction and clarity about where you are going, the situations and the people will come into your life. When you live in the psychological time of the future and the past, you will miss these windows and doors of opportunity opening.
Be in the moment. When you go to the gym to train, train and do it right. When you sit at your desk, do it and be great. When you do your email, do it and be great. This is your time. You are the miracle of birth: a spiritual being. Value yourself. Value your time.
Put out the great energy because you will make a difference. Through your leadership, we will make a difference in the world!

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JB Glossinger, MBA, Phd (in Metaphysics), is an internationally known visionary, speaker, author, coach, and consultant who is here to help you manifest what you want for your business, your organization, and your personal life. He is the founder of the worlds first personal evolution system MorningCoach.com based on the principles of self help, personal development, self improvement, and life coaching.