Depression disorder is prevalent in many adults across the world. It can also affect teenagers and children above ten years of age. According to research, what causes depression in adults can be different in children. However, there is a type of depression called major depressive disorder, which is more complicated than normal depression. This type of depression can result in death within a very short time. Depression is caused by a variety of things that change your emotional and behavioral state of mind.  Book an appointment with a psychiatric & mental health specialist in North Chelmsford for treatment. Below are the causes of depression.

The major causes of depression

There are hundreds of things that can lead to depression. Many people recover from depression on their own, but some may need guidance and canceling. Some of the causes of depression include:

  • Abuse. Abuse is the most common cause of depression in families today. Abuse can be physical, sexual, or emotional, and they cause depression later in life.
  • Loss of a loved one or death. It can become tough for you to overcome the death of your parents, brother, sister, friend, or a closer relative. If you are ever affected by death, you are likely to suffer from a major depressive disorder. Depression caused by death affects women more than men.
  • Gender. According to research, females are more emotional than males; thus, they can be affected by depression more severely.
  • Genes. If your family lineage is known to be affected by depression, you are likely to suffer too. This is because, during birth, you inherited the character traits of developing depression or stress from your parents. Depression caused by genes is hard to treat and manage.

Other causes of depressions include conflict, war, age, diseases, and particular medication. Below are signs and symptoms that may show you are suffering from depression.

Signs and symptoms of depression

There are several signs and symptoms that can suggest the presence of mild depression or major depressive disorder. They include:

  • Threats of taking your life. Many people suffering from major depressive disorder feel hopeless with life to an extent they can take away their life. This normally happens when depression disorder is severe.
  • Feeling hopeless. Depression is a mood disorder that affects the way you feel. When you feel hopeless, you are not capable of thinking positively, thus you can make negative decisions. Feeling hopeless can build other problems like self-hate, worthlessness, feeling guilty of things you never did, and frequent crying.
  • Irritability in men. Depression in men can lead to loss of concentration. Loss of concentration can cause low self-esteem that leads to sex differences, excessive consumption of alcohol, drug abuse, risky behaviors, obsessive violence, and uncontrollable anger.

According to research, about 6 to 10 % of adults suffer from depression globally. Depression can cause death if not treated and managed earlier. Get in touch with Greater Lowell Psychiatric Associates, LLC for treatment of depression.

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