The conventional notion of predetermination suggests you have no control over your personal fate. However, our findings show you have complete control over it, though in a way different than you may think.

“Nothing happens at random, but everything for a reason and by necessity.”
Greek philosopher, Leucippus

An individual who knows absolutely nothing about nutrition and the adverse effect junk food has on the human body, as rare as he may be today, erroneously believes his dietary choices have zero influence on his health and longevity. In reality, his diet has much to do with his current ailments, and the problems started decades ago.

Similarly, your personal fate started in the past, albeit lifetimes ago--the boomerang effect, spiritually speaking. Good and bad deeds follow you into the afterworld, and then into subsequent lifetimes.

On the other side, your soul has a different perspective than your personality in the here and now. Your personality would never choose suffering, yet your soul selects the life experiences and themes most appropriate for soul growth (and the balancing of karma). By the way, you wouldn’t recognize pleasure if you’ve never experienced pain, and you wouldn’t recognize joy if you’ve never experienced sorrow in this human dimension of polarities.

Note: as we’ve said repeatedly, a particular rough life experience may not necessarily be personal karma, as in you are atoning for past life bad behavior. Our findings show the soul selects some life events and experiences that may not be related to karma and instead for other reasons, such as helping others avoid a similar ordeal.

Just as not knowing the origin of the road you’re on doesn’t render invalid the fact that the road leads to a specific location, not knowing the origin of your current life circumstances doesn’t invalidate predestination.

There are lots of things you can’t explain by logic—if you can’t feel it or see it, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Taking an extreme point of view, you may decide to deny the concept of compassion because you can’t prove it, but everyone knows emotions (like many spiritual tenets) are beyond rational analysis.

The Greeks, including Leucippus, were convinced that despite the decisions you make, you’ll encounter specific, fated experiences and events in your life.

If this weren’t true, it wouldn’t be possible to delineate the general inclinations and overall themes of an individual’s personal fate, which the Greeks did masterfully. We’ve found ancient Greek astrological methodologies (and Arabic and Egyptian) to be some of the most effective and valuable in existence. Extremes are easy to identify with comprehensive astrology and numerology, and other esoteric sciences, and by those who are innately talented psychics. It’s the mediocre life events and experiences that aren’t so easy to predict.

Like the ancient seers and mystics, we believe you have free will within the framework of your personal predetermination to make the most of your life, and generate rewarding karma for your future existences.

The notion of predetermination doesn’t exempt you from personal responsibility; it makes you fully accountable, considering the laws of karma, reincarnation, and other spiritual laws. Also, you can’t have karma without reincarnation; we believe most karma is from past incarnations, instead of the “instant karma” sort that is widely embraced in today’s popular culture.

Instead of feeling threatened by the prospect of predetermination you should feel emboldened. Your personality lacks complete conscious control of your life; you can’t avoid all negative circumstances. But you aren’t at the whim of angry gods either. Your soul is in complete control and your decisions—no matter how small or secret—decide your fate. Maximize your future rewarding karma by always doing the right thing and by following the ancient Greeks’ example in embracing predetermination.

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