Not God the pulpit now speak
But our pocket the pulpit now pick
Now the pew seat no few
For gbedody e the pulpit now threw

For only that their soul could grow
Not for the kingdom their soul grow
Their pocket their show is to grow

Mammon and God they mix
Not them but we who the more miss
With mouth well polished they speak
And from the narrow gate our soul stray

Our stray
Their gain
For gain their pulpit only speak.

Author's Bio: 

Lucky Omochonvwen Etameta, Educator, CEO IgniteEdu and former Head of Department, Arts and Commercial, The New Covenant Baptist Academy, Akute, Ogun State, Nigeria. He is a writer, poet, researcher, an event planner, event host, public speaker, and an entrepreneur. Lucky Etameta has written several articles on education, the COVID19 pandemic, self development among others.
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