Tamil Nadu is a South Indian state with a predominantly Hindu population. So, the traditions and rituals of a Tamil marriage will resemble most of the traditional Hindu weddings. The starting point, however, will be to choose the person for marriage. Parents still use Tamil marriage bureau brokers to search for matches for their children. If you are living in Bangalore and searching for Tamil matches, Matchfinder is the right choice providing affordable plans and offering the profiles of thousands of Tamil brides and grooms with their details and interests.
Tamil Pre-Wedding Rituals & Customs
After the selection of the right person, they will check for the astrological match. If everything is fine, then the rituals will begin. Let us discuss the various Tamil pre-wedding rituals in this article.
Nischyathartham or Engagement
Once the bride and the groom are finalized, there will be an engagement function to decide on the date of the wedding and announce the union of the couple to the family members and the guests officially. It is known as Nischyathartham and a priest will be taking over the ceremony with his holy mantras and reading of the Nischaya pathirikai (Formal notification of the marriage with all vital family members’ names). It can happen either in a temple or in a private space as per their wish.
Some families will do the engagement and fix the wedding date after some months, while some will do it within a week based on their convenience. You can see some engagement functions happening the day before the wedding also.
Panda Kaal Muhurtham
It is a unique ceremony of Tamil culture and will be a short tradition. Both the family members will erect a bamboo pole at the entrances of their respective homes to seek the blessings of the lords to make the wedding end peacefully without any obstacles. Like the engagement, different families will do this function at different times before the wedding. Mostly, it will happen three days or a week before marriage.
Sumangali Prathna
Sumangali is a married woman living with her husband happily and Prathna means the prayer to god. So, this is a tradition in which all the happy-living females of the bride’s family will gather and pray to the gods to stand together with the bride in every action after the marriage and help her have the same beautiful life they have.
Mangala Snanam
Although it is not exact, you can translate it to the turmeric purification process. Like every other Hindu wedding, Tamils will also use a holy paste made of turmeric and other pooja items to apply on the bride and the groom’s arms, shoulders, face, and feet. It is done to purify them before the wedding.
Kaashi Yatra
What if the groom decides not to marry the bride and runs away from the wedding venue on the wedding day? The exact thing will happen during the Kashi yatra ceremony, but he will be doing this for fun. Then the bride’s father or uncle will run behind him to convince him to marry their daughter.

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