Video marketing on the internet is quickly becoming a necessity for those involved in online business ventures. Believe it or not, various sources predict that video based content will make up 90% of internet traffic by 2013. If you really take a moment to consider the power of video, it is pretty easy to understand why this content shift is occurring.

As the internet continues to grow and become more accessible by all, it becomes saturated with a seemingly endless amount of content. Because of this fact, it is important for individuals and businesses to post quality content to separate them from the increasing competition. A great way to achieve this desired separation is to begin video marketing on the internet. By adding video to your blog or website, you will accomplish a number of things.

Add Video to Your Blog

While blogging has become an incredibly powerful marketing outlet, those marketers who pair their blogs with a video experience an increased rate of success. But why is video marketing on the internet so much more efficient? Think about all of the time you spend online.

When you're learning some new information, looking for sports news, or digging up current events, are you simply reading text the entire time? If you're anything like men, you probably answered that question with a strong emphasis on "no". Popular websites that house the aforementioned topics almost always have a video paired with their written content.

Studies show that most people are visual learners who are more willing to pay attention to a video than text. Video marketing on the internet simply works better because videos are more entertaining than text.

A Great Way to Generate Traffic

If your online aim is to attract substantial internet traffic, introducing video marketing on the internet in your repertoire is a must. In recent months, the powers that be at Google have begun handing over search engine power to blogs and websites that host video.

This move is most definitely the result of Google recognizing the shift I mentioned before. Content that appears on the initial results page of a Google search nowadays will almost always have a related video. As we all know, having real estate on the first Google search results page is golden.

In order to reap the benefits of this gold, including video marketing on the internet in your search engine optimization strategy is an absolute necessity.

It's Simply a Must

A large part of reaching success online is adapting to changes. The World Wide Web is an ever-growing and expanding market place. In order to take advantage of this technologies exponential growth, you must identify the direction of the industry.

Today, video marketing on the internet has become the biggest difference between success and failure in traffic generation for online businesses. By simply adding a short video to your content, you are adding significant validity and search engine relevance to your page. Your online business needs video marketing on the internet.

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