Many times, we think ONLY WE KNOW HOW TO DO IT RIGHT, we don’t feel like training some bratty intern who is going to mess it all up, or we just don’t have the time. Yes, these are the excuses I hear all the time from new clients who are pulling their hair out from stress, because they believe these myths of entrepreneurship.

Psssssst … come a bit closer, I have a secret to share with you. It’s the simplest thing on earth. ASK FOR HELP!

We take for granted the amazing resources that are right at our fingertips, right in our Smart Phones, rolodexes, or that stack of business cards at the bottom of our desk drawers … there’s no telling what we could accomplish!

There are many things you can do with smart alliances and bartering with others to make it a win/win for everyone! Creating strategic alliances with someone who complements your business (as you do theirs) is what it’s all about. Here are some examples that might even work for you!

PROBLEM 1: Stacie B., Fashion Editor of an E-zine
Stacie has a newsletter she writes each month. Gifted with amazing writing skills and knowledge of the latest fashion trends, Stacie always has her readers raving! The only problem is that “everyone” who reads it is her husband, two cousins, and some old co-workers.

She has a college friend, Veronica, who owns a popular salon in Brooklyn. Veronica has gathered 6,000 names and e-mails in her database, since she’s been in business. Her problem is that she is understaffed in marketing and has no time to send anything out to that amazing list, besides a discount every few months. She has no consistency and needs something to create repeat customers.

THE SOLUTION: Joining Forces
Stacie B. should start writing fashion and styling tips on the latest trends, feature Veronica’s hair tips, some before and after photos of Veronica’s clients, and even interview some of the clients who are the most trendy. Veronica will throw in a monthly discount that readers can only get by printing out the coupon and bringing it in to their appointment.

This gives Stacies B. an audience to brand herself to and gain a new fan base.

Veronica didn’t have time to write and edit a newsletter, but now Stacie will take control of that.
She gets to brand her salon more, improve her customer retention, and even highlight her clients who will LOVE being in the spotlight.

PROBLEM 2: Jenny and Kevon’s First Friday’s Event
Jenny and Kevon (a husband and wife team) are known for throwing the hottest parties in North Carolina. They just found a great new venue for their First Friday’s event. There’s a top-notch sound system, funky décor, sexy lighting, prime location, but the problem is … there’s no food at this venue, only drinks. It’s an after-work spot, so people usually come hungry after a long day on the job.

THE SOLUTION: Joining Forces
Kevon remembers a caterer who’d be able to come and sell food at a low cost to attendees, because the caterer is still building his business. So, they contact him to see if he’d be interested in sponsoring their event. In exchange, the caterer gives them a one-hour free buffet. Then after that, he sells full dinner plates for just $6.

Kevon and Jenny will give the caterer loads of exposure.
There will be no more hungry party-goers and it will draw more of an early bird crowd to get the party started quicker.

The caterer’s logo will be in party e-mail blasts with links to his website. He’ll have a banner at the event and flyers on all tables. Both parties will share the e-mail list of new sign-ups from that night. The caterer made a nice amount of money at the end of the night as well.

So, you see how one hand washes the other? Start thinking about your joining forces solution and who can help you with a problem that you have with your business! Breeze through your address book and a light bulb might just go off.

Good luck!

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