None of us is as strong as all of us.

If two heads are better than one, imagine the collective power of 15 entrepreneurial women committed to their vision, businesses… and changing the world.

A group of womenThis year to accelerate my growth, both personally and professionally, I joined a mastermind group with business coach and mentor Christine Kane. (That’s all of us in the photo.)

Power is essential for success. Even brilliant ideas and plans go nowhere without the power to move them into action. With the collective energy (and genius) of others, one person can achieve what others might call “the impossible.”

When two or more people come together for a definite goal or vision it creates a third energy or mind – a mastermind.

This “mastermind,” formed in the spirit of harmony by all those involved, is considered to be a higher consciousness, with an even greater, intangible power and potential for change.

In short, a mastermind allows one to leverage the power of many.

The combined knowledge, experience, resources and efforts of the group create momentum – and velocity – in getting things done, in a big way.

The stronger the group, the stronger the impact as this higher energy with a higher purpose is sent out into the world. Answers, ideas and action plans come effortlessly to each member of the group.

Many people say a group is only as strong as its weakest link, but really it’s as strong as its strongest link. Great leaders, teams and businesses surround themselves with people of different talents and skills, each of whom has his or her strengths to contribute to the greater goal.

Mastermind groups also work well because members invest time, energy, and often money, to move toward their goal or vision. Commitment and accountability keep each person and the group on purpose… and on track. This spirit of harmony and clear intention adds its own force field of excitement and unlimited possibility.

If you’ve got big dreams or big projects to launch in 2011, a mastermind group can help you move forward with speed and ease. So join up. Power up. And buckle up.

It’s like a fast track for your soul.

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I’m a girl from the Canadian prairies who likes wide-open spaces, fresh ideas, a great story, and inspiring environments, buildings and art of all kinds. I have written feature stories about architecture, urban, rural and lakeside living, cool neighbourhoods, and everything from business to pleasure (tourism and travel).

I believe that powerful writing, too, can link the artistic with the practical.

My feature writing has appeared in: Ottawa Citizen, Winnipeg Free Press, The Western Producer, The Cottager, Manitoba Business Magazine, Manitoba’s Northern Experience, Home & City, Manitoba Gardener, Ciao and up! (WestJet’s magazine).

Barbara Edie