Breathing deeply, allow yourself to come into stillness, feel the air around you, what do you hear, smell and see right now in this present moment? What is presence? What is this present moment and what is being offered to you right here, right now? When we practice being present we have the opportunity to truly engage with the unfolding of creation in an active and collaborative way. By coming into the moment we slow and sometimes can even stop time. Capturing the essence and richness of what life is offering us right now allows us the gift of creating in conjunction with the most powerful forces of the Universe.

All too often we spend an incredible amount of time and life force energy either reminiscing for days gone by or future tripping to moments yet to be born and we miss this moment, this time, this gift, this present. How rich is this moment? It carries within it all of your experiences, your wisdom, your knowledge, every previous moment that led to the creation of this one is here, now, inherent in this moment. So too it carries within it the seeds of all the possibilities and potentialities of the unlimited, eternal and infinite future time to come. Where is your power? If you spend your time ruminating in the past, reliving over and over again all of your old wounds, karmically tied to long gone relationships or circumstances, then you are powerless. If you spend your time constantly gazing out at the distant horizon fantasizing about all of the places or people you could be now, instead of being here and being with who you are, once again you are powerless. To truly step into your power, as a conscious co-creator with the Universe of the reality that you desire, you must step in to right here, right now, this present moment.

This doesn't mean that you disregard the lessons of the past choices that you've made for each choice brought you to where you presently are, nor does it mean that you fail to visualize and imagine where you might like to be next, visioning and dreaming a new future into being for yourself. What it means is the power, the place of action, the place of intent is here in the present moment.

What does it mean to be present? Truly the only way to be present in this reality is to fully and completely inhabit your physical body. Far too many people have spent the better portion of their lives exclusively up in the mind with a total disregard for the body or the body's wisdom. The physical body IS the only vehicle presently available to you through which you manifest your reality. It is through the use of your physical body and physical elements that everything is created. An idea is only an abstract concept until it is brought down to earth and implemented through the physical body. Being connected at the physical means having a deep and abiding connection with the Earth Mother as well, for it is through the magnetic force of gravity that all elemental particles are held together in the vast void of space.

Take a moment right now to feel your body. Touch your body with your own hands. Take your toes, your feet, your ankles, your lower legs, knees and thighs and touch each part. Rub your hands on your belly, your lower back, your chest, upper and lower arms, throat, face, and head. Feel how the body is connected and unified and how each part works in harmony with all the other parts in order to provide your Spirit with a vehicle for navigating this three dimensional reality.

Now take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Take this very moment to go inward, to enter into the inner realms of your being and to see, feel, hear and know how your inner and your outer worlds are intimately and intricately connected with each other. Breathe, rest, and allow this knowing to permeate your being at every level. Feel the truth of this in your skin, your bones, your blood, your nervous system, your muscles, your heart, and your lungs. Feel the truth of your unity with all things in the material and the spiritual world right down to the cells, molecules, atoms and DNA that are the building blocks of your physical vessel. Allow your being, your presence, your true self to fully inhabit your body. Come here, now, to this present moment and just be.

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