Attitude is a choice. Women are confronted daily with situations, words, outcomes that force them to choose a response. That response is based decidedly on their attitude. Attitude is the difference between winning the battles, but losing the war. How many times have you realized that your attitude saved a business deal, a relationship, or your life?

Your attitude albeit positive or negative is one of the few things in this world that you have total control over. Women have the power to open or close their minds to failures, pessimistic people, and past conditions. You can discipline your mind to take charge of your thoughts. Your attitude is simply the outer expression of your inner feelings.

The actor, Michael J. Fox is a perfect example of someone who is overcoming great adversity by absolute use of his attitude. When he says, “Optimism is a cure for many things,” he means it – and lives it every day.

Here are 5 steps to changing your attitude (or improving it) for success personally and professionally:

1. Learn everything you can.
Seek as much knowledge as you can about whatever it is you want to do. Leave no stone unturned. The more you know the more confident you will be. High confidence leads to greater self-worth which builds positive attitude. Your positive attitude has everything to do with your success.

2. Know where the landmines are.
Identify what could go wrong. Not in the way of being a constant devil’s advocate. But knowing the pitfalls ahead of time helps you maneuver your way around them. Leaving these pitfalls unknown breeds fear. Expose them. Evaluate them. Solve them.

Ask yourself these questions: “What is making me hesitate? What skills do I lack? Have I done my homework?” This is the step where you sell yourself on YOU.

3. Practice positive self-talk.
Self-talk is the conversation you have with yourself. Your mind is powerful, especially the subconscious mind. It doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is imagined. So, tell it, “You are intelligent, confident and strong.” The subconscious mind will always agree with you. Once you mind agrees then it begins encouraging down a path that leads only to success. Of course, the alternative is also true. If you tell your mind that you are dumb, careless, and insecure, your mind with encourage you with these thoughts.

4. Say daily affirmations.
Repeat to yourself constantly: I have the ability to accomplish all my goals. Repeat again and again. Don’t stop. Before long you will believe it. Once something is recorded in the subconscious, it stays there. Claude Bristol, author of The Magic of Believing, says, “Repeated suggestion acts directly on our emotions and our feelings. It’s the repeated suggestion that makes you believe.”

How often should you say your affirmations? I recommend saying them:
• At the beginning of each day – before you get out of bed
• At the end of every day, before going to sleep
• When you hear a negative comment from yourself or others
• Any time you have doubts about your abilities

5. Create a circle of positive people.
Negativity is a virus. It penetrates healthy thoughts and feelings. Shut your mind to people’s negativity. No one can make you feel anything or hurt you unless you allow them to. Again, you choose to let someone or something affect your attitude toward yourself or your situation.

Yes, old feelings from the past can be triggered by others around you but it is your decision or choice as to how you will let it affect you. To help you in this stage, know your hot buttons, examine why they affect you, change your thinking about these buttons and take charge of your present and your future.

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Influence and persuasion expert, Karen Keller, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist and Master Certified Coach with over 25 years of experience. She focuses on women's leadership and empowerment as well as executive, personal, relationship and life coaching. She is also a successful entrepreneur and author. Her other areas of specialization include mentoring, sales techniques, success skills, intuition, body language, management development training, motivational speaking, and corporate training. Discover Influence It! Real POWER for Women now! For your free subscription visit