Each of us are the way we are due to several factors out of which our upbringing, our beliefs and values formed during our formative years play a major role. Thus when with interact with others, there is exchange of views and values which if they match results in a 'harmonious' relationship and when they do not, causes disharmony. One sure way we can remain positive is when we continuously think optimistically. Even where is a storm brewing outside, we could be calm and after we have taken adequate precautions for protecting ourselves and our family from the effects of the storm, can actually sit back and admire nature in all its fury. One sure way to remain positive in spite and despite the several negative situations which we face in our daily lives is to get positive affirmations and be surrounded by positive people. You might be wondering what exactly are 'positive affirmations?' and how does one get hold of positive minded people?

Positive affirmations are simple statements which you repeat to yourself which ultimately dictates the way you would like to think, feel, act in various situations. And to get positive minded people, you really do not have to try very hard. Even though they are few and far in between and might be difficult to locate, you sense on when you see one. When finding people with positive attitude fails, look for self help and this is where positive affirmations are invaluable. While there are some standard positive affirmations like I am confident, I am worthy of affection, I am doing the best I can in life, I love the way I live, my positivism would not be affected by the negativism around me and so on, there are several others which you could create yourself everyday.

In this regard, I remember an old friend who belonged to a well to do family of highly qualified accountants and stock brokers. My friend was condemned by his family through repeated negative feedback regarding his failure to do well in his academics as well as sports of any kind. His father finally offered to lend him some money and his garage to do something on his own – a concept which was completely looked down upon by the whole family. One day when I went to visit him in his cub-hole office in the garage, I noticed a small stand-up poster which read "I am a success in all I do'.

Believe me it seemed ridiculous to me that day seeing that positive affirmation on the table of a man who till date had not done anything worthwhile either to increase his bank balance or to improve his quality of life. But perseverance and a positive attitude finally paid dividends as my friend found a novel way to market some herbal medication through the internet. Within a span of 4 to 5 years he had bought himself a house, got engaged to a beautiful business analyst and most notable of all, repaid his father all the money he had taken while he was contemplating on 'how to become a success'! If he had got bogged down by the several negative prophecies which filled the environment around him during his growing years, perhaps he would have remained in that garage till date.

The power of positive thinking can be unlimited. Not only do you spread cheer and good humor around, you become a self-styled leader wherever you go because you take people along with you as you walk through life. To help you remain positive many positive affirmations as mentioned above can be invaluable. There are times when you need to tell yourself repeatedly that you are right and there is nothing wrong with the way the world is. And to achieve that, you could depend on positive affirmations. But when you do meet positive minded people the best thing is to try and remain around them. Because like laughter, positivism is also infectious.

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