There is a story our Rabbi shares every year during the High Holy days. It goes like this: A story about Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev tells that he started out his rabbinic career wanting to change the world.  After several years, he realized that was too hard, so he decided to try to change his community.  Several years later, that goal was abandoned as too difficult, and Levi Yitzchak chose just to concentrate on changing his own family.  He finally concluded that the only one he could really change was himself!  That’s the only person we can truly change anyway.  If we decide not to help ourselves, we are totally lost.

After recently seeing the documentary “I AM”, and discussing the most resonating points with my husband, he reminded me of this story.What it activated inside me caused a rush of emotion so powerful, that it brought me to tears.

Once again I recalled what took me decades to learn about me, and what many people (perhaps even you) still haven’t figured out about themselves.We are powerful beyond measure!

My personal journey began by believing I wasn’t worthy. As do most of our limiting beliefs, this one was created during my very early years, and at some point I agreed to own it. It became a way of being for me.

It didn’t matter what it was, if I desired it, there was an deep place inside me that was already trained to believe I wouldn’t get it because I wasn’t worthy of it. Be it love, attention, success, money; it didn’t matter. All I had to do was want it and that old limiting belief would be activated and I’d find a way to self-sabotage and guess what? I wouldn’t get it.

Then I could re-affirm the belief, that I didn’t deserve it. I wasn’t worthy.

Well, one day everything changed for me. I had a shift in perspective that radically altered my way of being and believing. I realized in one split second that my reason for being here, YOUR reason for being here has nothing to do with GETTING.

We are here to GIVE. We are here to share our gifts, our brilliance our uniqueness with the world. I am – YOU ARE – one of a kind. No one will ever pass through this world who is the same as you. If you keep your gifts to yourself, you will be doing a great disservice to our world.

We need what you have. Your purpose will change lives. You have to live it though. If you are stuck where I was, doubting your abilities, wondering what other people see in you, how they can call you all those wonderful things and you can’t see it, then YOU MUST TAKE ACTION to move beyond that.

In the documentary, “I AM” they said the ocean was created one drop of water at a time. See yourself as a drop of water. When you own your value and share your purpose and gifts with others you will make a contribution to the world that has equal power and force as that of the ocean.

When you change a life, that life will go on and change others and so on . . .

That is the Power of One.

YOU have that power.

So what do you do if you are ready to take action to do what Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev did? What if you know that change must start with you, yet you don’t know the first step to take to get clear about your purpose?

I can help you with that.I can help you see in your Self what everyone around you already knows to be true. I can help you believe in your Self and gain clarity about what your gifts are and how you can share them with others. That is my gift.

If you are ready to make a difference and you know the first step is believing in your Self, let me show you how. It is the ONE THING that will radically alter the way you see yourself and the reason you are here. So you can finally make the difference you were born to make. Email me now to set up a call for us to create your Action Plan.

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