I was raised as a Muslim, under the teachings of Islam. I was always told that I needed to make sure that my 5 prayers were completed every single day no matter what unless "I was not able to pray" meaning when I was on my period, which was the only time I could not pray or fast because I considered "unclean". There were times when I came home from work very tired and didn't have the strength to physically pray, but I still had to do it because of my fear of GOD, I didn't want to burn in Hell for eternity. Notice that I said fear not love, I wasn't taught to LOVE GOD but to FEAR GOD. There were times when I willingly prayed and felt the spirit of GOD, but I cannot say that it happened all the time because most of the time I was praying mechanically. Last week, as I was praying I got a revelation or an inspiration, and realized that I have been praying out of Fear and not out of Love...

Only Love is real, only love is truth. After that day, I have been getting many revelations, inspirations about my life, allowing me to see CLARITY on the other side of my FEARS. FEAR is replaced by CLARITY, the one thing I have been seeking for a long time. I am more CLEAR about who I am, about GOD. There is only Love, truth and light.

The saying, "The kingdom of God is found within" makes total sense to me now, as divine creators we create our own hell on earth and our own heaven. The shift that happened to me brought me STILLNESS, PEACE, POWER, COMPASSION for the ones still chained to the lies and the fears they are experiencing. My heart goes out to my people who are being programmed every day to blindly obey the rules of the religion in order to go to heaven, instead of following the true religion of God which is the religion of awakening. I am still a Muslim and there are many things that I love about the teachings the Islam, but I will no longer worship out of fear because it doesn't serve me and causes lack of clarity and puts me to sleep, meaning it makes me disconnected from GOD.

I remember finding myself praying out of fear being totally disconnected from God, operating mechanically because I had to. As I am writing this, I remember asking GOD to help be more spiritually connected to him, to be able to feel his presence in my life, to be one with him. Today, I feel like I AM one with GOD. Saying this in Senegal will be considered a blasphemy and a sin against GOD but I fear not what men think and say because GOD is standing on my side. I am no longer afraid to miss my prayers, I will still pray but I AM going to do it out of love so that I can feel GOD and be connected to him. I am going to give myself permission to be human.

I am going to freak some people out and it already started. My older sister called me out the blue today to ask me why I suddenly became so "spiritual". She has been reading my Facebook posts and has noticed that something has changed, she said that there is a light about me that she does not understand. She jokingly asked me if people should ask me to pray for them because of my light and the place where I am. She asked me if I was part of a CULT or secret society, she wanted to know if my boyfriend was brain washing me or if he has introduced me to some cult. She told me that there is a line between spirituality and religion and stepping over that line is dangerous. She reminded me before hanging up that I am a Muslim woman from Senegal and should not forget that. My sister and I have had an interesting relationship the past few years and have not really been on good terms, but I love and respect her for who she is. Her call surprised me, but after she hung up I realized that she was afraid of what I AM, what I am becoming, and what I will become. All I am doing is allowing spirit to express itself through me.

I feel like part of my mission is to teach people how to live from Love instead of Fear, because it is only in being in the space of LOVE, that one can truly Be Close to GOD, be clear about oneself, see the distinction between the truth and the lies, and calmly embrace life in all its forms, standing in certainty and power. A few weeks ago, I was a different woman, I am not perfect and will continue to learn and grow, I am standing in this place of light, power and gratefulness for my life and I am willing to choose love every day.

My powerful coach Garrett J White said that he was my student during our pod call today because it took him 3 years to get to where I AM now. I have to say that I still do not realize the power in this but I am very honored. He was right when he said that the mysteries of God are exposed when you dispel the fear.

Miracles happen when you are CLEAR and you can only gain total clarity when you allow yourself to choose Love over fear, gaining stillness in the process. Stillness is absolutely beautiful.

Are you harnessing the power of love in your life? Are your fears running your life? Take some time to think about this,write down on a piece of paper what you fears have cost you? What they robbed you of? How would your life look like without your fears? Who would you be without your fears?

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I am the Wealth Creation Coach for the Evolving Women Entrepreneurs who are ready to breakthrough their financial limitations and create true wealth standing in their power, living their purpose and creating possibilities.