Many folks think that wealth or money-making is as simple as praying and waiting until God rains down money from heaven.

The above belief could only amount to a myth and equals frustration. The Bible teaches believers how to make huge legitimate money in a simple formula - "Cast thy bread upon the WATERS and thou shalt find it after many days....Sow thy seed in the morning and in the evening withhold not thy hand” (Eccl. 11). The Lord Jesus also taught about a sower who went into the field SCATTERING seeds.

Money, according to Mr. U. Ubani (A Bank manager and Financial Consultant) is a SEED. There is no better definition for what money is than this. When believers learn to see money as seed then they will be on the right path to start investing it by sowing it in good soils.

If you sow your money (Seed) in the soil (Investment), you reap bountiful harvest; that's the law of sowing and reaping. It states that "You Reap More Than You Sow".

Most of God's instructions to the Israelite is that they sow when they reach the promise land. Many believers rarely invest their money. Many give the excuse that it’s not enough to take care of the present needs not to talk of investing but they forget that if you don't invest, you don't make more money.

There is power in investing. Investing is like laying a pile foundation for a one-storey building, in the eyes of observers, you might seem a fool but you have just done something that could carry other floors in the future. So when the prices of building materials are so high and it becomes very costly to build, you just capitalize on your already strong foundation to raise more floors above your building.

I encourage everyone reading this post to invest; put your money into some place where it will work and yield dividends for you.

If you are having doubts on what or where you can invest, please call on us for consultation and guidance.

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BETHEL E.C. WILLIAMS-OKEZIE (Evangelist) – Is the Director of Missions in the Bethel Williams Gospel Initiatives International a holistic ministry that promotes and propagates Kingdom enhancing projects. He is a consultant on Computer/Internet Multimedia Concepts since 2002 and has served in various online Christian Organizations including as Chaplain for Federal Hispanic Law Enforcement Officers Association Arizona, USA under Rev. Miguel Angel Contreras.

He is a Counselor, prayer warrior and authors his various blogsite at

He is an International sought-after Itinerant Speaker in Seminars, Conferences and crusades; he is a mentors to lots of Youths, upcoming Internet ministries and ministers. He is happily married to Evang. Shonell Shamone Williams-Okezie and father three wonderful and blessed kids all residing in the Bahamas.

Presently, Bethel Williams is the CEO, Successful Business Concepts Group on that teaches basic Business principles for developing small businesses and encouraging Self employment strategies as a solution to redundancy and poverty. He is also the Chief Consultant on Multimedia Concepts at his office GreenOlive Multimedia Solutions located in Lagos, Nigeria. (