How does the Power of Intention work? The one thing we know for sure is that it will probably not work in the manner in which we expect. In fact, the key to setting intentions is to become detached from the “how.”

I’d like to share a personal experience with setting intentions in my life. In addition to saying affirmations and meditating, I make a point to write my intentions down on paper. The purpose of this is to send that energy out into the universe. To get the juices going, in a manner of speaking. This is because EVERYTHING has energy! This includes our thoughts, words, and written statements.

Here is an intention I set several months ago: I know that through my Lyme advocacy, great change will occur on a grand scale throughout the government, the medical community, insurance companies, and the quality of patient’s lives.

The first sign of manifestation that my intentions were being heard by the Universe was through an email. I belong to an online Lyme support group and get regular email updates regarding Lyme information of all types. One day shortly after I set this intention, I received an email announcing the date and location of their Lyme advocacy workshop. It just so happened to be in my local area – yeah, I could go. That was a great experience and introduced me to some movers and shakers in the Lyme advocacy community. Through this experience I’ve sown the seeds for greater Lyme advocacy to come.

About two months later, an old friend from high school contacted me through Facebook. She mentioned that she noticed I was interested in Lyme advocacy. She is now a physical therapist and she wanted to meet with me to discuss what it’s like to have Lyme and get more information about the disease in general. We had a great meeting and more seeds have been sown to improve the quality of Lyme patient’s lives. In fact, she recently contacted me and told me that “the information I provided was pivotal in the creation of their new Lyme clinic.”

I think these two things qualify as a contribution to creating great change. I never imagined this was how it was all going to get started. That’s the beauty of “letting” the Universe work through you!

Take the time today to write down 10 intentions that you would like to create in your life. What do you desire?

“The only limits you have, are the limits you believe.” ~ Wayne Dyer

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I am passionate about sharing what I've learned about various topics on spirituality, particularly the New Thought movement and Religious Science. I believe that we all have the innate power to determine the direction of our lives. Life is good. Get Inspired.