During the moments in my life when I was in a hell of lot of pain, I had this sense that things would change for the better. I didn’t know how this would happen I just knew that my life would change; in a way, it was as if I was in a country that I was only visiting.

If I had only listened to my mind and focused on what was actually taking place, I would have believed that I was basically f**cked. I would have come to the conclusion that I was in a really bad way and there was no way that this would change.

A Strong Element

I didn’t have this sense that things would change because I saw myself as a highly capable human being, far from it. Ultimately, I had no idea why I had this sense that what I was going through would pass.

This didn’t mean that I just around and waited until this happened, though. Along with the sense that my life would change was the urge to find a way to change what I was going through.

Two Parts

If what I was going through wouldn’t last forever and there was a way out, I believed that this must mean that there were things that I could do to take my life in the right direction. The outcome of this was that I ended up looking for answers.

I ended up reading different books, searching online, meeting numerous people and working with different people. At times my mind would believe that everything was going in the right direction and at times it didn’t, but the journey continued.

Two Ingredients

The drive that I had played a big part in my ability to keep going, but this wasn’t simply because I was a highly motivated human being. This drive was partly the result of my need to survive and partly the result of the sense that I had that my life would change.

My need to survive was coming from my body and the sense that I had that my life would change was coming from my heart. So while my body simply didn’t want to die, my heart had a higher purpose.

A Powerful Force

My heart provided me with the hope that I needed to pull myself out of the mess I was in; whereas the drive from my body was mainly about self-preservation. Still, I needed my body’s strength to be able to fulfil my hearts message.

This part of me wasn’t attached to what was taking place and it didn’t need any evidence to prove that there was a way forward either. If I wasn’t in tune with my hearts guidance and purely listened to my head, I would have needed to see proof that my life would change before I acted, and this would mean that my life would be very different now.

Final Thoughts

I believe that the hope that I described above is in everyone’s heart; I am not different or ‘special’. Having this hope is one thing; it is another thing altogether to be able to connect to this guidance.

So, if you are currently in a very dark place or if an area of your life is not going well, take the time to reflect on what I have said above. Your heart will give you the help that you need and it will be up to you to pay attention to the guidance that it provides.

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