Empower yourself by learning the technique of effective eye contact
To begin with, ask yourself one question, “What is the function of your eyes?” For me, the 2 inbuilt eyes from birth are intended to be used far more than the daily routine and inert viewing of objects, people and happenings around us. They play an important and vital role in effective communication process and rapport building with your prospect.

As a guideline, you should maintain eye contact with the other party 2/3 of the whole communication process. But it does not mean that you look at her eyes for 20 minutes, and then turn away for 10 minutes. The correct way is to keep in contact for 7 seconds and then away for 3 seconds, and etc.

Eye contact doesn’t mean staring into the person’s eye, but instead it is being described as a contact in the “eye-nose” triangle. What is the “eye-nose” triangle? It is an imaginary triangle from the 2 eyes to the nose of a person (See illustration). This is the area that you should concentrate 65-70% of eye contact. Should you sense any discomfort or resistance from the other person; you will have to reduce the percentage of contact.
Eyes are an interesting part of the human body. As the saying goes, “Eyes are the windows of one’s soul”, you can see the inner feeling through this gateway. For example, when a person comes across someone or something very appealing to them, their pupil size will naturally grows significantly larger. This is one of the body language that is being controlled by our sub-conscious that cannot be hidden or faked.

A few powerful predictor examples of eye contact are namely:

1. Enlargement of the pupils indicates that the person you can engage in shown interest in what you are saying or in you.

2. If a person is blinking far faster than they normally do, this show anxiety and annoying feeling of this person, it might indicate the person is actually lying.

3. If you are engaged in a conversation with someone and their eyes are easily distracted by the surrounding environment, this indicates that you have not earned the interest of your listener. Remember this, if you are in a conversation with someone and your eye is consistently looking around the surrounding, it is being perceived as a rude action, so be careful where your eye is looking.

The eyes have it all

By simply looking into a person’s eye, you can easily tell what the person is experiencing at the moment, like happiness, surprise, disgust, fear, anger and sadness or even mixture of the mentioned.

Be self empowered by paying attention to the eyes and we can learn a lot of things about the prospect, this will in turn lead to success in communicating and building rapport with her.

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