It’s all real. Every last psychedelic hallucination. The Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, Leprechauns, all of them. They are as real as you are. They are especially as real as the one who believes in them. It’s the magic of believing that allows for the creation of all things. It has been scientifically proven that we create our own realities. The fact is that scientists now have microscopes strong enough that they can see the fabric of our very existence. They have discovered Quantum Physics. With the use of the strongest microscopes they can now see objects smaller than atoms. They can see the particles and waves that make up the universal soup that makes us all real.

Scientists have also determined that the shape and fabric of the universe is determined by the observer. For example one observer will see particles while another will see waves. The difference is based inside the observer not in the observed. The existence of either of these objects is determined by the observer. For if the observer where not observing they would not exist in either form. So keep on probing into the depths of our world. The closer you get to the truth of our makeup the closer you will also get to the truth of the existence of God.

The only way that God can exist is within our own psyche. If we didn’t create God, God could not exist to us. However if God didn’t create us we could not exist either. At the lowest possible levels the fabric of existence proves that we are all part of the same thing. We co-exist because of the other. There is no inner and outer world. There is no here and there. The only world that exists is HERE and NOW.

Those modern day intellectuals can now rest easy. The evidence is in. We have the scientific proof. The political dictators of the world may know more than we give them credit for. In fact they typically ban the notion of God from their societies. Believing in God gives strength and will-power and freedom of spirit and creativity to the believer. It’s the individual creativity that helps each of us define our world. It’s the hopes and dreams and prayers that change our lot in life. Don’t let them convince you that God and the Easter bunny and Santa Clause don’t exist. For these are examples of your freedom to create. These are the things that make you strong. These are the things that make you who you are.

Take back your ability to dream. Take back your ability to create. Take back your power. Tell the dictators in whatever society you find them. They can’t stop you from being whoever, whatever and however you want to be. Your version of reality is your own creation not theirs. Believe in your own power. What happens in your life is your own creation. It’s not someone or something outside of you. They can’t exist without you any more than you can exist without them. Take responsibility for your own reality. Manifest your dreams now. Today!

Author's Bio: 

Kris Brietkopf has been a student of philosophy and metaphysics for more than forty years. His journey like many others is to find answers for the tough questions. The questions that keep him up at night include things like, Who, What, Where, How and Why am I? How did it all start? Is this all there is? Why me? Why here? Why now?

Kris' inspiration comes from worldly and otherworldly sources. He has been inspired by many of the teachers and great thinkers from the past. Some of them include names like Jesus Christ, Buddha, Plato, Michel de Nostradamus, da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Edgar Cayce etc.

Most recently he has undertaken the study of Quantum Physics and universal laws like the Law of Attraction. Toward that end and with the help of the internet it is time to share some of the knowledge that he has attracted over his lifetime. Kris hosts a blog site at You will find this article and other similar articles including a resource for prosperity for those who are ready. Check it out for yourself.