I was told many years ago as a boy that the difference between man and beast was our power to choose. Yes, free-will ladies and gentlemen. Leaving out natural phenomena, all else around us and often in us stems from a deep lying source called choice. Choice is the younger submissive cousin of thought and choice will not do anything unless thought issues the command to choose. What choice decides on doing depends on what big cousin was thinking! There is no missing link from thought to choice, it is seamless. For many of us it goes undetected, happens instantly; way too quickly to be discerned.

The difference between those who are ultimately successful in life and those who are not is not just being aware of this important link between thought and choice; though life path critical, but also turning this awareness into a good habit! Let me play out the importance of this equation to make it profoundly clear!
If big cousin (thought) sets in motion ‘I will step out in front of a fast moving bus’... little cousin (choice) needs to act one way or another – there is no escape, little cousin cannot unplug its big cousin, wipe the sweat from its brow and breathe a deep sigh of relief, it is at the total and relentless mercy of his big cousin’s whim, it knows something has got to give, and it is now becoming unbearable. Little cousin is now carrying the baton of immeasurable power and responsibility, what it does with this extraordinary power is literally the difference between life and death for its big cousin’s host!

The host is YOU, and YOU must be aware of your little cousin with immeasurable power – choice can deliver mass destruction or mass production. It can enable you to be all you want to be or someone you will struggle to live with or face up to for the rest of your life. To add a measure of insurance against making the wrong choices, we need to ensure the right attitude prevails.