Post Covid-19 will bring a fresh set of recruiting trends that will significantly impact your recruiting process. Are we ready to implement these changes? Post pandemic will change the way we recruit compared to just a few months before. We all know now markets are candidate-driven, which means you do not pick talent. Talent picks you. Finding and recruiting ideal job candidates, especially those with in-demand skills, has become extremely time-consuming and challenging. That is the main reason there is a shift going on the recruitment paradigm, which will bring a whole new set of a buzzword and new recruiting trend.

Here I am highlighting a few trending trends that will have a great overall impact on post-pandemic recruitment.

1. Accept the Change with Technology:

Technology plays a pivotal role in helping all teams, particularly HR. It can manage communication, collaboration, productivity during this time of uncertainty of the COVID-19 outbreak. With new AI technology tools, like resume parsing software, payroll software, or time tracking tool, the main aim of such devices is to reduce manual intervention, which saves time of recruiters and fastens the hiring process. This will help recruiters to focus more on the other business strategies and work effectively to get better productivity.

2. Agile Workforce Planning:

It isn't easy for many organizations to find an agile individual from their talent pool to accommodate new profiles. Post COVID-19, organizations would now have to use resources to improve themselves and provide the opportunity to their old employee. HR Professionals need those employees who can do cross job rotation so that the old employees can train new employees. Now the saving grace is the potential demand for multitaskers. It is essential for recruiters or hiring managers to stay updated in the rapidly changing situation.

3. Build Your Brand:

If your organization wants to attract top talent, then you need to ensure that your brand should be attractive enough for applicants to apply in. There are a few points you can keep an eye on them to attract.

a). Be transparent about who you are. Communicate clearly what candidates can expect from the organization.

b). Be consistent in brand messaging in your communication for both external and internal.

c). Take care of reviews on a social platform like Glassdoor, Indeed, LinkedIn.

4. Importance of Social Recruitment:

Now, this is the era of Millennials and Gen Z, who use social media as a primary source of information while searching for a job as well. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., are powerful tools for recruiters to showcase their brand and to attract the candidates. The key here is to know where you can find your target audience. Social media network plays a vital role to search for potential candidates proactively, build a relationship with them, and encourage the candidates to apply for your vacant job positions.

5. Use Gig Economy:

The rise of this culture will help organizations a lot in post-pandemic hiring. After this pandemic, organizations need new talent to complete a specific task. In such cases hiring a full-time staff member does not make financial sense when you have just passed the struggling period. Freelancing is that innovative idea that might be a good option for you as well as for your team.

Post-Pandemic, some people cannot wait to get back to join their office while others do not want to go back. HR professionals should take time now to consider how they can work in the future and can make changes to match this need.

Author's Bio: 

Lovepreet Dhaliwal works with RChilli Inc, a leading resume parser provider which helps in speeding up your recruitment process. An MBA in HR and marketing, he has over eight years of work experience in business development and strategic sales.