Perhaps, by now, you already know this truth: happiness is not something you need to discover because you are already capable of it and because it is intrinsic to the essence of your being! Believe it or not, happiness is not elusive. I just requires your focusing on it for it to become completely obvious to you, because it IS there. You see it in others and you like seeing it there. You want more of it for your own life. You may only need a few tools to either maintain a baseline of happiness, or build upon what you already have.

Here are some tools that can help you to expand your happiness repertoire and infuse your outlook with positivity. Using these tools is such a worthy effort, and before you know it, folks will be telling you “My! You’re always so happy!”

If you are generally mentally healthy, you can control your thinking! It all starts with awareness of this “mental muscle.” A fabulous truth governs this: you can only think one thought at a time and you can choose which one you want to think. Of course, if you start with a negative outlook, you have to work harder to get into shape, but it’s still entirely within your control. If you need a counselor to “coach” you, go ahead and invest. You are investing in your Self and that is always worthwhile. The more you work on – literally - rewiring your programming and brightening your perspective, the more naturally it will come to you. Then it will become habitual and you’ll be happy the majority of the time.

It might take some serious work, but your commitment provides reinforcement. Committing yourself to supporting your emotional and mental well-being and, thus, your happiness, will help you take it more seriously. You are also then able to take control. Discard ideas and thoughts that don’t suit your positive outlook. Believe in the power of repetition. Affirmations should become a daily ritual. The more you think your positive thoughts, the greater your rewards will be.

Priorities are important. You may find it necessary to reorganize them. Yes, if you lost twenty pounds or paid off a loan, you might be happier, but you also might feel exactly the same if these achievements are what you believe it takes to be happy. Work incrementally towards goals with the concept that you are improving on an already good thing: your life. Keep track of your steps of forward progress. It’s wise to give continuous recognition to your steps forward.

Remember to anticipate unforeseen changes; changing your perspective changes everything. You will experience life from a wiser, more compassionate position. You will have clearer goals. You will approach projects with more zest. In time, you will be more successful, and you will be rewarded because your lifestyle is naturally more rewarding. Sometimes, life may throw you a curve ball, but if an unforeseen change happens, you’ll have the wherewithal to make the correction and point yourself at happiness again. Instead of happiness being the end result, you will see results happening because of your happiness.

Wherever your circumstances in life may have placed you, if you have the will or the desire to be mostly happy, if you are not seeking happiness from outside sources, and if you ground your perspective in gratitude and confidence in your own abilities, you will always have happiness in your life and right at your fingertips. You’re so worth the effort it takes to establish this wonderful habit of happiness.

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