With busy schedules and easy access to technology, many parents choose to occupy and entertain their children by indulging them in televisions, computers, and tablets to while their time away. Millions of applications and virtual entertaining outlets available these days do leave some good and poor impact on children.

However, somewhere between all these hustles, children have lost the enthusiasm to indulge in activities where they learn to make things with their own hands and doing activities which allows them to express themselves in a creative and interesting way. Technology has become important; it should be introduced but indulging in DIY activity helps in building many essential skills.

Here are some benefits we will be discussing to look at the positive impact of activities on children:

It helps in improving motor skills and provides final coordination activities

No matter which activity you choose, like you can buy a science kit or a gardening kit, they require the use of hands and other fine motor muscles which helps in developing skills and provides a child with better coordination.

For instance, if you take an activity where a child has to draw dots and lines or make use of scissors to cut or simply have to take a piece of paper and paste at a certain given shape or point such tasks requires the child to make use of the fine motor muscles. Thus, not only a child does something productive, they also enjoy doing activities. These activities help in developing brain and make them more skilled towards essential processes such as learning to tie shoelaces, buttoning and unbuttoning their shirt and make use of scissors or other accessories.

Children learn to express themselves in a healthy manner

Children observe everything that happens around them and they extract various information through different sources and incidents that happen in their environment. Many kids tend to be shy and uncomfortable in expressing their emotions or thoughts this is where indulging in creative activities can help them in communicating themselves in a healthy manner. When a child indulges in activities conducted in a safe and controlled environment, they are free to choose the material, colours or do whatever they feel they want to do such activities help parents understand their child inner thoughts and feeling and detect if there is any negative aspect which needs attention or encouragement from their side, thus DIY activities are very essential for child early emotional development.

It promotes critical thinking

When it comes to art there is no particular way to complete it, there are many ways by which you can complete the activity, it all depends upon a child imagination, like whether they want to draw a dog or cat, whether they want a red house or a black house, whether they want a sunny day or a rainy season. It’s all on a child to decide and make choice. Such activities help in developing problem-solving, critical thinking and decision making skills. The sooner you introduce educational activity boxes the sooner child learn to develop confidence towards making decisions and expressing themselves. They learn to come up with creative and unique ideas which are an essential skill for all age group.

It helps them in developing social skills

When a child indulges in activities where they have to use creative decision making, they start to develop an interest when they see their creation in front of them and art provides a common platform for all the children to come together and see each other’s unique work.

Curious by nature, children love to approach the same thing differently to get a new result every time. When they come in contact with children indulging in the same activities, it inspires them to work together or create something by learning from each other. Thus children learn to socialize with other children and share their skills and ideas which promote in developing healthy social skills.

To sum up

There are many STEM kits, activity boxes and DIY project kit available in stores as well as online which you can buy depending upon activities your child’s age. They will have fun completing and playing them. A child becomes more imaginative, learns to express themselves easily, indulge in critical thinking and can socialize with other children; thus introducing educational activities is very important and useful for your child.

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