The Sun Passes through all the signs of the Zodiac in one year, it rules the sign Leo only. Sun by nature is hot, dry, masculine and LIFE GIVER. The position of Sun in the various signs detailed below is however subject to aspects of other planets whether benefic or malefic. The delineations are required to be modifies accordingly. Sun indicates power, authority and favour from Govt., father and general public.

1. Aries (Between 13th April – 14th May):

In Aries, Sun is termed as in its exaltation place. It gives the native much courage. One is brave, a born leader, head strong, impulsive, full of enterprise and new ideas. Such people cannot work under others; they are born rulers, of rash temperament. They also possess penetrating WILL power, not easily discouraged, philosophic by nature. When such persons are controllers or head of the institution or department, talents find full scope and expression.

2. Sun in Taurus (Between 15th May – 14th June):

In this sign, two prominent characteristics – WILL power and perseverance, are present but do not manifest until interest and ambitions are aroused.

Sun in Taurus, indicates that native is self reliant, determined, self willed and cautious. It also makes the people old fashioned and conservative but tolerant. Before undertaking a work, they analyse the matter thoroughly. Fond of good things, patient, and wait and watch for a long time for their plans to mature. When unprovoked, they are gentle, otherwise furious, headstrong and unyielding. Make good public servants, officials and executives. Favourable for acquisition of money and property. Makes the native ambitious, gain through business, inheritance, investments and public undertakings. In female horoscope, gain through husband is indicated.

3. Sun in Gemini (Between 15th June – 14th July):

Sun in Gemini, makes the native intellectual, fond of pursuits of literature, Science or Art. Generally in indicates expansive and adaptive attitude. Studious all round, kind hearted, affectionate, fond of home and children, education, secretariat or clerical work, writings, ambitious and aspiring, of active mind and can be relied upon in time of adversity. Two or more professions at a time. Natives are fond of change, clever and best educated or best known of his family. Sometimes native may have several brothers and sisters.

If Sun is afflicted, then it makes the native unreliable, sceptical, talkative, troubles and oppositions for gain of money.

4. Sun in Cancer (Between 15th July- 14th August):

Sun in this indicates many ups and downs, changes in occupations and position, but desires to stick to his own course. It indicates that some period of life the native will remain near water. An easy-going man, fond of pleasure and amusement.

If afflicted, one will be timid, restless, stingy, over careful, dissipation and evil courses. Weakens the WILL power, makes him untrustworthy, obstacles in life.

5. Sun in Leo (Between 15th August-15th September)

Sun in his own sign: Sun makes such persons of princely ways and bossing over others. Such persons are ambitions, aspiring, have position of power and authority. They are of active mind, good nature, generous, have many friends, a born leader, of independent views strong willed, difficult for him to act in a subordinate capacity, kind hearted, social health and longevity of father is indicated.

When afflicted makes one proud vain harsh temperament and very dogmatic.

6. Sun in Virgo (Between 16th September- 15th October)

A favourable sign for acquisition of money at a place where he works under a chief or Superior. Liable to suffer from Servants and subordinates, unless Sun is well accepted. Such persons are modes. Thoughtful, industrious, learn quickly and like orderly life and actions, speculative but without any substantial gain, very active, not easy going for himself and others.

When afflicted, one may be sarcastic, materialistic, and narrow-minded.

7. Sun is Libra (Between 16th October- 14th November)

Libra is depression or debilitated sign of Sun but the sign of Libra is balance. But sun is Libra gives love of justice, peace and harmony. The native is docile, lenient, popular, liked by all, social, affectionate, romantic, fond of opposite sex, many friends, sympathetic, natural peace maker, refined pleasures and amusements, and usually marries young and more than once but there is likely to be some troubles disappointments in love and disharmony in marriage. Short journeys by land, good honour, amiable and humorous.

When afflicted, the native is careless, subject to craze, disturbed married life, and disappointments in love, troubles in partnership. One faces ups and downs in case of profession power authority and finances. One has to work hard in life.

8.Sun in Scorpio (Between 15th November –14 December)

Extraordinary strong WILL power and indefectible power of work when it concerns for some set purpose. One is resolute, inquisitive, interested in occultism, keen Judgment. Shrewd, reserved, tenacious, one is liable to accidents, illness and death of close relation or friends. Critical and suspicious Economical, Trouble with others and in speech.

When afflicted, one is passionate, jealous, shares for others, stubborn, unpopular, ups and down in life. He may occupy the position of responsibility but will not succeed.

9. Sun in Sagittarius (Between 15th December- 13th January)

Sun here gives jovial, bright, hopeful, generous and charitable nature. One is judicious, religious, and sincere and may be intuitive and mystical. Self reliant, active, frank, original in work, inventor or discover. Loves liberty and freedom and out door sports, will not like to work in subordination, Inclined to travel, voyage and chance of residence. Generally of strong WILL and lead honourable.

10. Sun in Capricorn (Between 14th January- 12th February).

The native is ambitious, aspiring, desirous and with power and fame, well fitted for leading, commanding and directing others, whether for good or evil. Of thoughtful, serious nature, deep mind and good reasoning faculty. Generally practical, economical and of investigating mind. Prominent figure in his sphere of life for celebrity. Successful where he is working as head, and enjoys position or responsibility respect and selfishness. Careful, cautious and frugal.

When afflicted makers the native melancholy, morose with a sense of being ill used. Obstacles, delays, up and down in life.

11. Sun in Aquarius (Between 13th February- 12th March)

Produces idealism for reforms, friendship with others, one is quite, patient, determined, and of faithful nature. Popular, social, democratic and board minded. Such persons are refined, friendly generous, charitable, dignifies and humanitarian. Fond of art, music and literature. Interested in educational and political affairs, strong WILL.

When afflicted renders the native rash, confused, eccentric.

12. Sun in Pisces (Between 13th march- 12th April)

Aggressive, militant and impulsive, irritable and liable to fits of anger. Kind and loving nature, amiable, sympathetic and especially to those in distress. Loves order and neatness, often timid and lacking in self-confidence. Difficult to understand, may achieve leadership but a figurehead greatly influenced by circumstances. He is social and good humoured, sincere, religious but liable to chance his religion or occupation or may have two occupations at one time.

When afflicted, Pisceans become unsocial, easily disconcerted, inclination to drink and excessive dancing etc. Obstacles and delays in life causing ups and down and troubles in career.

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