Teeth do not always grow in your mouth evenly. They may look crooked or mispositioned, which can hurt your appearance and self-confidence.

Traditionally, people have gone to orthodontists to get braces installed in their mouths. Braces are designed to reposition your teeth so that they look straighter and more evenly positioned.

The only problem is that braces consist of brackets and metal wires. Not only can these components dig into your cheeks and cause pain, but they can also create a rather unflattering appearance too.

Whenever you smile with braces in your mouth, people will see the metal wires all over your teeth. That probably won’t do much to help your self-confidence, especially if you’re an adult with braces.

Clear Teeth Aligners Are the Solution

Clear teeth aligners are a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to braces. They are made of clear hard plastic material, which means they’re transparent in your mouth. No one will notice you’re wearing clear teeth aligners (see: https://aligners.co) unless they get really close to your face and see them in your mouth.

Meanwhile, the clear teeth aligners will work to force your teeth to move back into their proper place gradually. Each set of clear teeth aligners are custom designed to fit perfectly in the mouth of the patient. You can expect incremental teeth movements to take place if you wear them for 20 hours or more per day.

However, you must change to different aligners about every three weeks because of the new positioning of your teeth. The entire alignment process can take anywhere from three weeks to six months, depending on the level of crookedness of your teeth.

But even if you have to wear the aligners for six months, it is still a smaller time period than you would have for wearing braces. And because of their transparency, you won’t feel embarrassed wearing your aligners in public places for a long time.

Let’s Review the Benefits

Okay, so you know that clear teeth aligners can reposition your teeth without affecting your smile. You won’t have any metal wires in the way of your teeth like you would have with braces. But what are the other benefits of clear teeth aligners?

Let’s go over a list of the top three benefits below:

1) Brushing is Easy

Trying to brush your teeth with braces on them can be a nightmare. You can easily get tooth decay if you don’t clean around your braces properly.

On the other hand, it is so much easier to brush your teeth if you use aligners because you can remove the aligners from your mouth whenever you want. You don’t have this option with braces.

Therefore, just take out your aligners whenever you want to brush your teeth. After you’re done brushing, put the aligners back in your mouth and go about your day normally.

2) Good Comfort

Metal braces cause discomfort and pain in your lips and cheeks. Although you will feel some initial tightness with aligners, they will soon become comfortable in your mouth after you break them in. You can wear your aligners and eat foods without any discomfort. There are no food restrictions on what you can eat.

Food particles will not get stuck in aligners like they do in braces. There are no brackets for aligners, so food particles will not stick to anything.

3) Faster Results

Aligners are designed for your mouth, so they tend to achieve faster results. The aligner treatments are planned carefully for each patient. They are made to fix the specific misalignment problem of the teeth in their mouth. That is why it works so much faster than braces.


Clear teeth aligners may cost you up to $2,000. Fortunately, a lot of orthodontists offer financing options to help their patients. Normal dental insurance will not cover something like this, so take advantage of the financing available.

The popularity of clear teeth aligners is bound to keep on increasing because of their many benefits. People care about their appearance and comfort levels more than ever now. Clear teeth aligners give them all of these things and more.

Check them out when you get a chance.

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