Learning is basically a concept to make something into your mind that will make your life through the practical terms which help you to groom your personality. If you recall the incident about the beginning of mankind and the creation of Adam A.S then you will see the amazing power of learning as Allah Almighty told the angels that what I know you don’t have any idea about that.

Allah Almighty has all the powers, He can create everything whatever He wants to create. Indeed, He has all the powers. But the important thing is to know that Allah Almighty gave the knowledge to the Adam A.S and when He A.S told the name of the things that was presented in front of them angles were astonished to see that. and then they realize that the secret behind the creation of human beings. if you analyze the scenario of the creation of human as an infant then you will see that amazement of the learning. It is the eternal fact that the learning has so much important in the life of the Muslims as on many places in the Quran you will find the significance of the learning as well as you will find its importance in the hadith of the Holy Prophet Peace be upon him.
You will see many books that have been written to create the urge among the individuals so that they can seek the knowledge in a better way and can realize the importance of the moments.

Everything of the world that has been executed through the specific way has the mystery of the learning inside. Nothing can be achieved through the proper learning because when you have the proper knowledge about the things then you will find the right way to execute the things. In the verses of Quran, you will see the amazing importance of the knowledge and its learning as the people who have knowledge cannot be equal to those who don’t have. You will find the people lucky as you will see them to have family umrah tour 2017 packages and performing their religious obligations with great interest and piety. And all the practice of the Islamic things is not possible without the proper knowledge of Islam and its rules.

You will find the amazement and will give the importance at the same time when you will see the numerous hadith of the Holy Prophet Peace be upon him. you can see the importance by just analyzing that Seek knowledge "even though it is in China." China is one of the far places and you can judge the significance of the importance of the learning. You will see the many people who will have the basic knowledge of the Hajj, still, they aim to perform it and then start learning how to create perfection in their attitude and what are the things they can make the great reward by performing these prayers with great significance. They can also have the great tours through the family hajj tour 2017 packages and gain the reward from the Allah Almighty who is most kind and beneficent. When you make hard work to achieve something then you will observe the great happiness and pleasure that will give you the great leisure and extraordinary passion for inventing the new things. Just look at the example of the Archimedes who were trying to achieve the perfection regarding the rules of gravity and when he invents the principle of the specific gravity then he burst out with happiness and it was an extreme joy for him even he ran out of his house naked into the public place. No doubt it has extraordinary taste inside.

Similarly, when you are working on the specific project and didn’t find any specific thing. It takes too much time for working on unknown things that are new to you and you have no idea about the execution for them. You don’t know how to make the right things in a right way as it is totally the game of intuition and the quest for the thing that you are working on. It takes too much time when you get the desired thing just according to your thinking but sometimes by chance you can have it in quick manners as well. Learning has eclipsed with the natural pleasure. The pleasure in inborn to any human being and that are the big source of satisfaction to make the great change in your personality.

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