A portable gantry crane is nearly indispensable in operations where heavy shipping containers or large concrete slabs need to be lifted and moved.The construction of such a crane is pivotal to the safety of the operation in question.Most such cranes are manufactured using heavy duty structural steel and advanced fabrication and welding techniques. Simply stated, a gantry crane is one of the best lifting solutions where heavy duty loads are concerned.

Some of the most common places where the usage of such a crane can be seen are at a shipping yard or dockyard, construction site, warehouse, heavy machining workshops, and so on. It is very different from a regular shop crane that is used in smaller units.Here are some features that you should ideally expect from an advanced portable gantry crane:

It should be capable of carrying weights that weigh up to 50,000 lbs. These weights could include large shipping containers, concrete slabs, heavy panels, and so on.Heavy loads are often large in size too. So, the crane that you are purchasing should be able to lift containers that are as large as 12x12.

Lifting the loads is a process that needs impeccable perfection. Hence, the crane should be capable of smoothly lifting a load up to at least 120” so as to transport, move, or unload it.

Hydraulically operated cranes are often the best option when it comes to lifting very heavy weights. Hence, a hydraulically operated portable gantry crane is your best option. It will last much longer than other comparable types of cranes. Do remember if the hydraulics are safely enclosed and have the required safety features.

Other features that you should look for include laterally adjusting lifting hooks, precise telescopic action, and cross beams that can be adjusted according to your needs.
Most manufacturers offer several standard options on a gantry or shop crane. However, if you have unique requirements, it is also possible to opt for customized features on your crane.

For instance, your gantry crane could have an electrically powered motor that could power the crane in an indoor environment. Electrical cranes do not emit fumes and they are the ideal choice for indoor operations. Or, you could opt for motors that are powered with gasoline or diesel too.

Pocket-friendly options

If you are in the market for a portable gantry crane, have you considered leasing instead of purchasing? There are several manufacturers that have tie-ups with banks to offer several leasing options. This is the best way to conserve capital and enhance profitability in your operations.

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