In case, you never had a media strategy in place, obviously with the correct media tools, you may speculate about the benefits you can harvest while going that route. Is only buying ads, right? How much strategy can you actually put in?

Brands that don’t plan and position media advantageously disturb their potential impact in the negative by:

· Increasing advertising costs pointlessly and cannibalizing available media impressions

For a few auction based strategies such as SEM or programmatic digital, tendering for the same inventory at different locations implies that a brand is vying with itself without a reason. This reduces the sales of one of its own products because of introducing another identical product.

· Reckless spending on advertising as much as 30 to 50 percent based on the media tactic

A professional with expertise in media buying tools can reach a deal with major savings in published rates and leverage spending for an amplified exposure.

· Being deprived of an opportunity on added value

This can add up from 30 to 50 percent extra media impressions influenced by negotiations and strategies.

· Devoting time in excess on advertising

In addition to higher rates, there are a number of ineptitudes involving the time being deficient of a well-organized media planning strategy. Take, for example, cases of superfluous staff tasks and functions or ungainly efforts in coordination among brand locations.

· Being conservative with media planning tools and tactics instead of strategic

All media sales representatives believe that their offer provides the best brand value. However, a so-called “good deal” is good only when it accomplishes the brand’s aims and objectives. On a par, "cheap" advertisement costs you dearly in case it doesn't work. When it comes to ROI, if you don’t have a media strategy with robust advertising planning tools in position, you’re damaging your brand as well.

· Restraining insights with which advertisement investments work

Often, a goal-setting to monitor the advertising expenses is carried out by brands that bid reasonably good time to build a media strategy. There are brands that don’t even have any adequate and appropriate media planning tools to track issues that work against their forthcoming advertising investments.

· Reduced prominence and lost market share

Taking into account the inefficiencies specified above that focus on rate, time, additional brand value the take-home is virtually a shortfall in exposure and potential dwindling of sales for your brand.

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I am Vipin Nirwal, managing SEO for Market Share Masters who are one of the top advertising agency in Minnesota.