Sporting activities create a physiological stress on the body, causing a certain amount of damage to muscle and tissue. Now this is normal and a healthy person can repair most of the negative effects, however there is also a cumulative effect as well. This is why the sports enthusiast (whether it be gym, running, swimming etc.) needs to maintain a good baseline level of health and fitness as well as good levels of agility that will help minimise sports-related injuries. As we age, the need to include treatments such as Sports Massage Therapy (SMT) can play an important role in maintaining good flexibility of joints and muscles. Also if there are injuries, mild or severe, sports massage can play a vital role in rehabilitation, reducing recovery time and helping the person to get back to their sports and training ASAP.

Our sports massage in our Sydney clinic, will suit the professional right through to the ‘every day’ sports-enthusiast. Let us explain.

Physical Impact of Sports Massage Therapy 

Anyone can benefit from SMT – you don’t even have to participate in any sport! SMT refers to specialised techniques that include, for example, deep tissue work, mobilisationand tension releasing techniques that help to improve muscle integrity. Our clinic offers sports massage treatments to the residents in nearby Marrickville,   to help release tight muscles and rejuvenate sore and tired muscles. RSI may also benefit form our treatments as well.

Sedentary occupations may lead to a less-than-healthy musculoskeletal system such as muscle tightness, shortness of specific muscles and postural imbalances. Blood flow can also be impeded. At our clinic we offer sports massage therapy by a professional for nearby Lewisham residents. Sports massage is quite different from other forms of massage as it uses specific techniques that address issues that are common for the sports enthusiast. This is why for many people, these types of treatments are an important part of one’s training routine.

Our sports massage treatments for our nearby residents in Enmore, can help with blood flow which is essential for the healthy functioning of the nerves that innovate the muscle fibres, and contributes to healthy muscle contraction.  Supplying optimal nutrition to the nerves is just on of the reasons circulation is so important.

Physiological Impact of Sports Massage Therapy

General muscle strains are one of the most common injuries treated with sports massage. These injuries can range from mild to a significant tear and can occur from one event or build up over time. One important consideration is that these strain injuries, if not severe, can be asymptomatic (not experiencing any pain etc.) which means it is easy to do further damage to the muscle tissue which can then result in pain and significant inflammation.

Some of these injuries are seen at muscle-fibre level, but although small, they certainly can contribute to swelling, inflammation and impaired muscle function as well as increased risk of further injury. Our sports massage therapy by our Newtown therapist, can provide treatments to help address and treat these strain injuries by encouraging the reduction of inflammation as well as helping the muscle fibres to heal. This will allow the muscle to heal more quickly and restore the strength and integrity of the muscle.

Thus you see, no matter whether you are a sportsperson or not, sports massage therapy carried out by our highly trained practitioners can go a long way towards maintaining and restoring healthy muscle tissue – helping to add strength, agility while treating underlying injury to the tissues.

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The author runs the sports massage therapy Newtown clinic which also services the surrounding, local suburbs including Lewisham, Marrickville, Enmore as well as other nearby locations. The author is also an avid blogger.