Good behavior and pious actions have many aspects. One is that which is executed with human beings and other creatures. The other is with relation to apt and wholesome usage of material objects. Wholesome contact needs to be established with creatures and appropriate usage of objects must be emphasized upon only then can our social, professional life attain a great stature. This is the aspect of man’s responsibility. This process is named variedly like good behavior, etiquette, discipline etc and it is in relation with how we behave with those whom we come in contact on a daily basis. If this is ignored man behaves like a human beast and hence at every step in his life he faces opposition, downfall and chaos. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. If you throw a rock piece in water, water drops hurl back at you. Or if it is the sea, waves will definitely rise from it. Bad behavior with others creates discomfort for them and it is a sure way of insulting and hurting them. They hence out of discontent oppose you and seek revenge. On the other hand gentlemanly behavior is yearned for and approved of by one and all. People experience joy and comfort as a result. Hence they cooperate with you and return your good behavior with selfless love for you. Good behavior echoes in the form of joy and peace for the doer of good actions. Gentlemanliness is that infinite vault which when given to others is returned by the latter along with a handsome interest. Of course here and there rare exceptions have been seen without doubt. Wise people opine the world over that those who have deeply imbibed discipline, gentlemanliness and pious behavior in their professional/social lives attain that secret key which throws open wide the door of material and spiritual prosperity. Imbibing sacredness destroys demonic behavior which is like an axe that cuts the very leg of the one wielding it. Thus we can overcome opposition, strife and poverty in our lives. It is the responsibility of every deep thinking world individual to see to it that his/her behavior with others is wholesome and ethical and that ones actions must ooze with the fragrance of human and spiritual values. We must always remember this and make it a very part and parcel of our soul. Further it must be nurtured and nourished by actually acting wholesomely on a daily basis.

From many angles it is imperative that material objects be utilized wholesomely, appropriately and aptly. Objects found in this cosmos are the wealth of all world beings. Infinite beings are nourished and nurtured by them. Ere it is used when least required or is hoarded or is misused in a bombastic and arrogant manner the obvious result will be that those creatures who need them the most have to experience a lack. If a certain number of people waste food products produced many in this world will starve needlessly. Man works hard daily to earn wealth and with its help he buys food for sustenance. Hence if he buys more food than necessary know for sure his hard work has gone in vain.

Misuse just does not mean wastage because it also means mismanaged usage or total apathy towards it or not maintaining them appropriately. If this is the case objects perish way before their ‘expiry’ date and like diseases it cannot prove its usefulness optimally. Wailing aloud, insulting others and getting rains of insults they prove dire for those consuming or utilizing them. Those who are responsible for this sorry state of affairs invite blasphemy for themselves and those who are in cahoots with them. They become images of abject shame in society. This is because the energy and intellect required in the production of materials goes in vain when the objects perish prematurely. Keeping in mind such dire consequences it is the need of the hour to obstruct wastage and misuse of materials. Instead emphasis should definitely be laid on apt utilization of objects without wasting or causing harm to them.

Man’s body harbors a limited measure of life force. There is also a limit up to which it can be augmented and utilized. Those who keep these limitations in mind enjoy their wealth, progress in life and become glorified. As against this those who err by ignoring these limitations perform actions akin to slashing the tummy of a hen that lays golden eggs and thus a state of bemoaning is their lot. Regular work outs keep our body fit/healthy and regular studies/reading keeps our intellect sharp and brilliant. And yet one must not cross the limits of exercising and studies. If these limits are crossed the body becomes ill and the intellect becomes tense and stressful. It has been seen that those who over utilize their physical and mental strength become prematurely weak, aged and stressed out (burning out).

Very much akin to the human life force Mother Nature’s (Prakriti) material wealth, work potential, utility capacity and its enjoyment has certain limitations. If only man respects these limitations by not crossing their periphery cosmic activities will function without hitches for eons to come. This will thus help all creatures of the world to use nature’s wealth for a long time span in future. It will help this creation of God to work smoothly and help beings in sustaining themselves without glitches. If instead of this greed induces mankind to hunt and enjoy nature’s wealth much more than what he requires will destroy nature and thus cosmic activities will be hit badly. Not only nature but mankind and other creatures will age prematurely and thus will be engulfed by death while yet in their ‘prime’. Along with this the life force of all living beings and materials required by them too will deplete with alarming speed. Hence both these situations will be dire destiny for all world creatures. In order to ensure that man’s psyche abstains from greed and the lure of hoarding he should e encouraged to imbibe the religious tenet of leading a life of simple living and high thinking. He must abstain assiduously from wasting just about anything and thus give opportunities to others to enjoy their share of material objects.

After truly understanding the 4 parts of apt imbibing of religion it becomes crystal clear that how great world thinkers of yore had cast the mould of its philosophy in a farsighted manner. Scriptural scholars had laid down the ethics based ‘do’s and don’ts’ principles simply so that goodwill and a sense of brotherhood prevails between all world beings in a healthy manner. By doing this they ensured that internal strife and tension between them was avoided from their very fount. Wholesome and apt usage of material objects is as important as encouraging oneness and brotherhood between all world beings. The philosophy of the human religious principle and its execution in day to day life rotates on this very axis.

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