When you like someone or something so much, you follow the developments about that individual or thing. If you are an enthusiast of professional soccer, you will likely have idolized a player. Fans from all over the world gush over the skills and manly looks of Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini or more known as Messi. Playing for both the Barcelona and Argentina national team, Messi is often deemed as the world’s best footballer.

Even if you do not live in Spain, you can stay updated about his activities and whereabouts by checking out Messi’s Instagram story posts. His official IG account is a more reliable source of information since it is either Messi himself or his social media manager that shares these stories. Through his social media accounts, you can also have a heads up on Messi’s upcoming events that you can go to.

There is more to being a fan of this soccer player and being an avid follower of Messi’s instagram story posts. You can gain something positive out of being a fan of any celebrity.

1.Someone inspires you to reach a certain goal and/or to become a better version of yourself. Looking up to legends produced legends. Messi admired Ronaldo Nazario and look what he himself have become? The same outcome can be possible in your life, be it in the field of sports or elsewhere.

2.You can learn lessons from both their struggles and defeats. There are times when Messi’s Instagram story posts display vulnerability like losing a game or being injured. But still you become inspired with his motivation to rise up.

3.You learn about various tips in fashion, health, soccer moves and other stuff by checking out social media posts.

4.Messi’s Instagram story posts allow you to forget about your problems for a moment. It is a good distraction when you want to take a quick break from solving your problems without spending money or going elsewhere.

5.You have access to stuff and events that only bona fide fans can avail of, for free even.

It is a positive thing that Messi’s Instagram story posts inspire you. However, you need to be realistic. While not making it an excuse that he has more privileges than you, see to it that the goals you set are possible given your situation and resources. Still, you need to challenge and exceed your limits.

Being a fan is fun when you do not go beyond the boundaries. Looking at Messi’s Instagram story posts is way different from stalking. Make sure that you never do the latter. After all, sports celebrities are still humans. They would want some details of their private lives to remain confidential.

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