Adding a mural wallpaper is the perfect way to express your interests, preferences and creative flair. But the only dilemma which most homeowners face is finding the right one to exhibit for maximum impact and appreciation!

Murals today, come in a supernumerary of sizes, image, customisation and materials. And to be fair, this is the fun part as you get no shortages of options to pick. But if you’re doing this for the first time and have little idea about which murals are best suited to your home, then here are some tips to get you started.

1. “Figure Out Where You Wish To Put Them.”

When choosing the right mural wallpaper for your interior space, the first thing to consider is where you wish to put them. To help you, here are some ideas to implement.

  • Add a gorgeous wallpaper mural at your entryway leading to your formal living area. And put a different styled mural to wow your visitors the moment they reach your living area.
  • Add forest/landscape or forest murals in your bedroom to create an escape from all day-to-day stress and tension.
  • Install adventurous and whimsical murals in your kid’s playroom/bedroom to make things interesting for them. Kids love attractive wallpapers, and so this is one room you should not miss.
  • And if you have a large-sized vacant wall- in your study area, create an accent wall with geometric, artistic or animal mural wallpapers.

2. “What’s The Right Mural Size?”

When determining the right mural wallpaper size; you can discuss it with your supplier. This is both in case you need 4’-6’ (approximately 24 square feet) or full-sized mural wallpapers which cover up the whole wall surface. 

As a tip- if you have a spacious living area, the best option would be to opt for a full-sized wallpaper mural for most impact and value for your money. 

This is perhaps an instance where size does matters, particularly when you’re looking to add a new theme and drama and transform your ‘no-hum’ room to an incredibly chic one!

3. “Picking Murals Of Quality Materials.”

When picking appropriate mural wallpapers for your interior space; you should look for images printed on high-quality non-woven paper 200g/m2, which are tear-resistant, fire retardant and easily strippable.

Also, consider the texture and sheen of the mural wallpapers having the sharpest quality images. 

4. “The Type Of Image You Want to Add To Your Rooms.”

Notable suppliers of murals in Perth offer quality mural wallpapers ranging from Animal prints to Geometrical designs. But not all of them may see a good fit for your specific room design or space.

So; you need to sort out what kind of images you want to see on your interior walls.

  • If you’re a nature lover, pick images of mountains, forests, fruits, leaves, landscape or other naturistic murals to bring into your indoor walls. 
  • For your kid’s room; you can pick fantasy images, street art, artistic prints and even colourful murals. 
  • And if you’re into photography and have a home-studio, then you can also opt for murals having abstract art or even eye-catchy geometric prints to enliven your interior space and make it inviting. 

Follow these tips when sorting out the right design wallpaper for your Perth homes. It will help save you time and allow you to procure the best one for your stunning home interiors.

Last Piece Of Advice- For all your wallpaper requirements in Perth; always trust reputed suppliers who use the right printing technology and appropriate wallpaper materials for awesome visual presentation. 

This way; you will get full value for your money along with 100% satisfaction.

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The author runs is a supplier of quality murals in Perth at cost-effective rates. Be it artistic or wildlife; the author caters to all types of wallpaper requirements for Perth clients.