When it comes to my journey of self-awareness, there are some people who stand out when I look back on where I have come from. And one of those people is Susan Winter. This is someone who is a professional love and life mentor who is based in New York.


In the beginning of 2013, I was looking on the internet for information that would explain a challenge that I was having in a relationship. And I soon found the article I was looking for on Susan Winters website. The title of this article is – Hot And Cold.

I left a comment and my details, and the before long, Susan left a comment on one of my pages on Facebook. She expressed her appreciation for my writing and asked me if I wanted to become a contributing editor to her site. And it didn’t take me long to make a decision.


This was someone who had been on Oprah Winfrey and who had a number of books out herself. It was like I was finally being recognised for what I do and I was extremely grateful for her offer.

It was not that I didn’t already believe in my writing ability, as I always have done, it was that this was someone who was also a writer and whose work I appreciated and respected.


I had had a comment from Dov Baron and from other people of such influence, but this was different. Not only had Susan commented on my writing, she reached out ever further. So before long, my articles were featured on her site and this was a proud moment for me.

And I think that if I was a woman, I would be writing what she is writing or something similar, and this is partly because she is a purist. Her primary intention is to assist others and to make a difference. There is no ‘fluff’ or hype involved - it is pure information.


From that moment when we came into contact with each, her support of my work has continued. There have been times when I have looked towards her for guidance and she has been only too happy to offer it.

It is often said that it only takes one person to make a difference and Susan has definitely made a difference to my life. And I don’t forget the people who make a difference in my life.


So I will always be grateful for coming into contact with Susan and for the difference she continues to make in my life. To find out more about her and what she brings to the world, go to – www.susanwinter.net.

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