The human eye has its own limitations and faults. But mother nature had its way of compensating each weakness so that such weaknesses are transformed to its maximum potential. Known to be color blind, dogs and cats have better peripheral visions than man and can see better even in total darkness.

Daytime birds see colors in a greater range compared to humans do while hunting birds have binocular vision that allow them to see their prey even from thousands of feet away. Bats rely primarily on echolocation which functions similar to radar system and allow them to navigate in total darkness making them locate their prey in their exact location. Limitations on human visions and others which humans are deficient of, however, is compensated by our ingenuity and intellect which make us superior above all creations, in practically applying science and mathematics together.

One of the advancements that has been made in the field of science and technology coupled with mathematics are night vision goggles. During the earliest times in warfare and military, nighttime combat proved to be an exercise in futility. During World War I, torches, lamps and flamethrowers which brought terror to the British and French forces, made from burning solidified coals and sulfur used to illumine night combat. By World War II, the use of night vision goggles was first introduced although its use was limited because of some major flaws. The quality of night vision goggles greatly improved through the years and its use has become very vital in the success of many military and police operations. How do these equipment apply or interrelate to an ordinary civilians daily life?

Night vision goggles are extensively used in surveillance operations. You never know that your neighbor whom you think of as an ordinary civilian going about his daily activities, is wanted for criminal charges abroad. You do not have an inkling that the residents of the house adjacent to you are doing surveillance to one of your neighbors using vision goggles. While you are enjoying watching your favorite opera singer perform, military personnel are ensuring your safety by doing security checks in every corner.

Those who are in the army who are doing rescue missions rely on night vision goggles for the success of their operation. However night vision goggles are used, they are basically engineered to compensate what human eye lacks and its invention proved to be a hallmark in the field of warfare.

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You can now buy night vision goggles since its use by civilian helicopter Emergency Medical System operators and soon by civilian aviation pilots is already allowed. These cheap night vision goggles will not only improve the safety of nighttime flying of civilian aviation pilots but will also speed-up the transport of wounded casualties of war thus saving more lives.