I’ve said this many times before and I will repeat it many times again, it is my core belief and the essence of my philosophy. The relationship you have with your Self is the foundation for all the other relationships in your life.

If you don’t have a strong, loving relationship with your Self, you will continue to experience struggle in other areas of your life. And when you do experiencing that struggle, the first place I will always encourage you to look is inside. You will find your guidance there.

So what is this place inside where you are to look and how do you get there? It’s your Inner Wisdom and I’ll give you directions shortly. First, I’d like you to consider something. I’m not asking you to accept it, just try it on and see how it fits for now. It’s what I know to be true and I’d like to share it with you.

Consider that before you started this journey called Life, your Spirit, God and all your Spirit guides came together and created a “blueprint” that, among other things, contained all the questions about all the challenges and obstacles you would encounter during this lifetime, as well as all the answers and solutions. Then you tucked this blueprint somewhere deep inside your soul, in a place only you could access. That sacred place is your Inner Wisdom.

If you’re wondering about how to get to this sacred place, then there is a disconnect in your relationship with your Self. If you don’t have a clear connection to that place inside where you can go to get the answers and guidance you need to feel confident about your decisions and direction, then the first thing you must do is build that connection.

How do you build it? By getting to know your Self better. Think of it like meeting a new friend. You spend time together, share stories and learn new things about one another. It’s the same when you are getting to know you.

Once you build this relationship with your Self and create this connection, something really cool happens. You unleash your Inner Wisdom! It’s like opening a portal that gives you access to an unlimited amount of knowledge, information and wisdom about your life!  In other words, your blueprint is revealed!

Now remember, your blueprint contains all the agreements you made with God for this lifetime. It includes your questions, challenges, obstacles and crossroads, as well as the answers, solutions and accurate directions. All this unique information, exclusive to you and your life experiences is available to you simply by making the connection within.

So how does this relate to your Divine Purpose? I’m glad you asked! By retrieving and gaining access to the information contained in your blueprint, you also rekindle your bond with God.

**Important Note**

No matter what your relationship with God is now, as you become more in tune with your identity, as you strengthen your relationship with your Self, your relationship with God will transform. As will ALL your relationships. You will bring different energy to your relationships as you grow and evolve.

So as you become more aware of the contents of your blueprint, the creation of which occurred with God, and your relationship with God matures, your Divine Purpose will flow into your awareness with such ease and grace that you will no longer wonder what it is you are here to do!

Pretty freakin’ cool, don’t you think? You posses inside you a personal guidance system that can lead you directly to your purpose!

First though, you must make the connection within!

Your Assignment

This assignment is pretty straight forward.

Answer truthfully:

  1. On a scale of 1-10 what is your current level of connection with your Inner Wisdom? (1= you couldn’t find it with a personal GPS, 10= you are completely in alignment).
  2. If you are not happy with your current connection with your Inner Wisdom, and you would like to take it up a notch or two, are you willing to take action to change now?

If no, how much longer do you think you can continue living like this? (Please consider this answer with extreme seriousness. This is your life we’re talking about.)

If you are willing to take action to change now, please click here to apply for your complimentary closed door private strategy session with me.

Make this the year you create meaningful connections with your Self, God and your Divine Purpose. The world is waiting for YOUR gifts!

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