In simple language, hypnosis refers to the altered consciousness state that is characterized by increased susceptibility to suggestion. The moat initial step in the path to the mastering of hypnosis is the learning of how you can induce it in the individual subjects. This is indeed one of the skills that are very important that you need to acquire. The mastery of the same is very important if you want to undertake further studies in methods of hypnosis.

There are four main methods of hypnosis. These include the following:

1. Effectiveness of the process is very much dependent on the willingness of the patient: you must ensure that the patient trusts the process and is relaxed. He or she must also be willing to do that which is suggested and follow the advice of the hypnotherapist.

2. The hypnotherapist should use soothing voice, which brings the patient in some kind of trance: this can include some background slow music that goes deep into the subconscious mind of the patient.

3. Smells and natural sounds, which are soothing and massaging, are combined with the voice: the soothing relaxes the mind and lays the path of self improvement and healing process.

4. The therapist suggests ideas of improvement or encourages thoughts that patient is highly susceptible to: the hypnotherapist is the expert and should suggest reasonable solutions and ways of helping the patient out of the problem.

The successful induction of hypnosis must always begin with consent from the patient. It is important to note that this acceptance may be made unconsciously or consciously. In any case, the results are the same because the patient expects to get hypnotized.

It must be noted that in addition what is stated above, there are very many methods of hypnosis that are in existence. There is no method that is out rightly wrong or right. All the methods are considered to be good provided, they win the confidence of the hypnotherapist and secure the faith of the patient.

The main propose of all the methods of hypnosis is concentrating on the attention of the patient and thereby eliminate most of the influences that are disturbing while at the same time leaving only one single suggestion channel, which is none other than the hypnotherapist’s voices the patient’s ear.

The methods which are commonly referred to as passes, which involve the use of arms and hands so as to direct the energy towards the patient during the induction of hypnosis are totally not necessary. These are basically 19th century holdovers. Even in that instance, most day stage hypnotists of the modern times still employ some of those dramatic gestures as a way of showing themselves.

There is no problem with this, so long as there is the understanding, there is no basis in science for their use. There is also no need of touching the patient’s knee hand, forehead or any other part. In short, there is no bodily contact that is required. The voice of the hypnotherapist is a channel that is sufficient of communicating for suggestion.

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