I am gonna knock you out! Momma said knock you out! I am gonna knock you out! Momma said knock you out!!! I am sorry, but if you choose to work with me, I am gonna knock you out. This is the reason why I am very selective about the people I work with. I need to be sure that they are going to be able to take my jabs. I need to be sure that they are resilient enough to bounce back from my punches. If they swoon, or if I knock them out cold, I need to know that they are motivated to get back up again. The path to enlightenment is hard and it normally begins with a hit being taken out on you by momma (Yemaya). Then it normally ends with a TKO knockout by yours truly. So are you ready to step into the ring?

You see our brains are subject to information overload. We activate millions of neurons with each bit of information that we process. We just can’t understand that our brains work much like a motor. It generates waste and produces a buildup of exhaust fumes in the mind, body, and soul. Lucky for us, our body has a coping mechanism. It is called the off switch, which is also known as sleep. Sleep, is the knock out method that is needed for replenishment and rejuvenation. During sleep, a routine diagnostic is performed. This is a precautionary measure performed by the body to ensure that everything is working and is up to par. Sadly, because of all of the information that we are forced to process each day, a few hours sleep is not enough to rid our bodies of all of its cellular waste products.

So then the rumbling starts. And your brain is like a hoarder, buried alive in its own filth. You get into the ring of life and just one punch drops you to your knees. You get dizzy. You can’t get back up. You collapse and the last thing that you feel is your face hitting the floor. You are out for the count. You see your whole life passing you by. You see all the events that led to your demise. You see the failures, the let downs, the frustrations, and the setbacks. Your mind becomes fried as it slowly demises into a vegetative state, a lower level of consciousness. But don’t worry. Don’t be afraid. You are on the right path, the path to enlightenment. You just had to get all of sh*t knocked out of you.

The path to enlightenment is sometimes a hard one. And you may find yourself being punched and pounced around like a punching bag. This happens because you are breaking old thought patterns, habits, and behaviors. You are clearing out all of the clutter, all of the junk. You will swing back and forth like a speed bag, rising in and out of consciousness, entering and exiting the physical and spiritual worlds. In many cases, people take a pretty bad beating before momma decides to knock them out. This is when she will force your body, mind, and soul to shut down so it can be fully replenished. This is when the old part of you dies, so the new part of you can be born. During this process, virtually every cell or piece of matter in your body is replenished, recycled, and rejuvenated to create the new and improved you. So you can get back up again, stronger and wiser, and ready to make a comeback. This is the path to enlightenment.

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