In the years of coaching and mentoring people, I have noticed that some people want to achieve their goals, yet they do not want to walk on the path to achievement. Yes, there is a path to achievement, and there are no detours from this path!

The real winners in life are the ones who embrace the path to achievement, and know too well that this path is leading them to exactly where they want to be. They fully realise that this path will be a rocky road at times, that this path has got speed humps, and that this path may seem closed temporarily.

What they also realise is that it may not feel good to be on this path at times. Yet, they keep moving ahead despite the challenges that lie ahead.

These people have their minds fixed on the destination, which is their goal. They realise that without being on this path, they have little or no chance of getting to their destination. Hence, they face the challenges, and move forward.

I have always told my clients that the right actions lead to achieving goals!

This is where some people make it, and some people do not make it. Taking the right actions is challenging indeed. Regardless of how small your goal may be, you may be challenged in achieving that goal.

Let’s look at some common goals that people set. Weight loss is a billion dollar industry, and everyone wants to look and feel healthy. To achieve the goal of losing a certain amount of weight by a specific date, there will be action required. The action will include dieting and exercise, for example. In other words, the path that a person has to walk on, in order to lose weight will require this person to do exercise and have a healthy diet.

Now, to some people exercise and dieting may not seem very exciting, and as a result, they may resent their path to achievement. They might focus on how challenging exercise can be, and how unappealing to the taste buds, healthy foods can be. Once they resent the path to achievement, achieving their goal of losing weight will become a massive challenge.

Another common scenario that I have come across is when people are working on building their business. Any new business owner will tell you that expanding their business operation can be a very big task. In this example, the business owner may be required to do cold calling (something that majority of the people are not fond of). Their path to achievement requires them to do cold calling. If they resent cold calling, and make excuses to avoid it, their goal of expanding their business will become a very big ask.

They key is to focus on the goal, when the path to achievement becomes a very rocky road, and there seem to be obstacles scattered along the path.

You see, most people focus on what they are required to do, instead of what they are striving for. When things get tough, they give up! Their focus tends to shift towards how hard things have become, and that they are not capable of handling the challenges that they are facing.

The real winners in life know better. They realise that their focus must be on their goal, despite how many challenges lie on their path to achievement. They embrace the fact that no major accomplishments come without any major challenges.

Sports stars have to train hard for hours each day, for years on end. Musical instrument players have to practice long hours for months, or even years before they succeed!

Focussing on the end result is what makes the path to
achievement exciting, despite the challenges involved. That focus is the impetus behind taking the right action which will lead to the end result!

So, when you are facing challenges in achieving a goal, please remind yourself that without these challenges, there will be no accomplishment. These challenges are a required necessity for you to achieve your goal.

Keep your focus on the end result, and remind yourself that not only will the challenges on the path to achievement make you move forward, they will also help you to build your character! So, the next time you set a goal, you will be in a better position to achieve that goal, thanks to your experiences from achieving your previous goal(s).

Many success coaches and mentors have said that to be successful, you have to pay a price! This is the price that some people are not willing to pay!

The ones who are willing to pay that price are the ones who inspire others to set and achieve goals.

It is said that the journey is more important than the destination. That is certainly the case, only if you choose to stay on the journey!

So, when you are facing challenges on the path to achievement, please keep your focus on your desired end result, and remind yourself that without these challenges, you will not be able to get to your desired end result!

After reading this newsletter, please ask yourself the following questions:

• Am I willing to pay the price that will lead me to my goals?
• How will I stay on the path to achievement despite the challenges that I will face?
• How will it serve me to stay on the path to achievement despite the challenges that I will face?

To your goals and beyond,
Ronny K. Prasad

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Ronny K. Prasad is a Life/Executive Coach, Speaker, Author who is based in Melbourne, Australia. His up-coming book 'WELCOME TO YOUR LIFE - simple insights for your inspiration and empowerment' is being released on June 7, 2011. To find out more, please go to