I was reading last night about how energy is contagious - just like the common cold.

And while we take many precautions to protect ourselves from getting sick when we come in contact with others (such as washing our hands), we don't always take precautions to protect ourselves from taking on other people's energy.
And this passing along of energy works in both ways - positive and negative.

The Passing of Energy

Example 1:
Imagine that you have plans to spend the day with your best friend, but you really just aren't in the mood to go because you have been feeling pretty down. You decide to go anyway and just by being around your positive, bubbly, fun friend - you start to feel better. You start to forget why you felt down in the first place. You go home feeling energized, happy, and full of life.

Example 2:
Now imagine that you were in a wonderful mood when you went to work this morning. You ate a hearty breakfast, your favorite song was playing on the radio, you parked in the closest parking space, the sun was shining when you walked into your office. All signs pointed to it being a great day!

And just as you sat down at your desk, a coworker with a dark cloud over their head approached you and started going into all of the reasons why their life is so terrible. Their relationship is on the rocks, they don't feel well, they hate their job, they hate sunny days, they can't stand their life. And they go on and on until the boss walks in at which point they go back to their desk.

And you sit at your desk and feel like you were just hit by a truck. The great mood that you were in just a few minutes ago feels so far away. You just feel crappy and wish you hadn't even had come into work today.

Energy is contagious. But just like we protect ourselves from getting sick, we can also protect ourselves from taking on other people's energy.

Many years ago I was introduced to a wonderful concept that truly helps me in my everyday life. It's so simple but also so effective, especially for those of us who are especially sensitive to all of the energy around us.
Before you go out into the world each day,
surround yourself with an imaginary protective shield.

This shield protects you from taking on other people's energy. Continue to imagine this protection throughout your day - especially when you come in contact with someone with a toxic energy. (You'll feel it and sense it immediately.)

Because you have this shield up, you will only let in the energy that feels right for you. You will also be able to differentiate between what is your energy and what is someone else's that you have accidentally taken on.

When I was just learning about this concept and testing it out, a friend of mine came over for a few minutes. She mentioned that she had a headache and was starting to feel sick. Right after she left, I couldn't seem to shake a headache and sore throat. I told myself that I had taken on her energy and it didn't serve me at all. There was no reason for me to be feeling this way. The moment I recognized that it wasn't mine, it went away.

I am now extra careful about putting up my shield whenever I am going to be around people - especially a large group.

It has worked wonders for me, and I think it will for you as well.

Author's Bio: 

Jodi Chapman is the author of the inspirational blog, Soul Speak; the upcoming book, Coming Back to Life: How an Unlikely Friend Helped Me Reclaim My True Spirit; and the bestselling Soulful Journals series, co-authored with her amazing husband, Dan Teck. www.jodichapman.com