I came across a study by Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers in the American Economic Journal: the link is at the end of this post. The conclusion was essentially that women are not happier despite educational gains, social status and higher levels of economic power; in fact maybe they are less happy.

This only illustrates my point that coming home to our inner Authentic Self is the only way to integrate our mind and heart and live powerfully AND happily! The trappings of education, marriage, children, money, influence and social status are only useful or healthy if they are side effects of BEING, loving, joyful and peaceful.

We mistakenly seek these externals under the deception that they fulfill in and of themselves; “when I get there, THEN I’ll be happy”. It is really time to wake up already. I speak from knowing, from experience and I can say with authority over my own life, whether science agrees or “proves” it or not, that the intellect without heart is a heartless mind, and a heartless mind is no way to live.

We need both, we need balance, we need to show respect to the qualities that are authentically feminine, such as creativity, receptivity in order to receive insights and ideas, (this requires slowing down to quiet the mind), connection and collaboration instead of competitiveness and judgment. When we make friends within, peace within ourselves, our personal lives and naturally our presence in the world can start to thrive and inspire others to do the same.

This is a new paradigm, a mindset shift; it is not going to come from business as usual. We as a human race will have to start to respect the feminine qualities, that are naturally contained within the entire human race if it is not repressed, if we are to live whole, abundant lives. The repression and fear of feelings, intuition and living guarded and under the illusion of separation robs us of prosperity and inner peace and until we make peace within, there will be no peace “with out” in the world at large.

Women can lead the way, (and men who also embrace the qualities attributed to the “right brain”, the feminine brain) in the transformation of business and healthy lifestyles when we stop trying to emulate the distorted masculine energy in the business world today.

I say distorted as a healthy masculine energy, which expresses, as taking action, moving forward, providing structure and having courage, is needed to be a self-sustaining, interdependent adult. Women have these natural qualities with also if we would only cultivate them and stop buying into the myth that women cannot stand in their power and be loving/nurturing at the same time.

Healthy masculine is not the ego driven, greedy selfish “never enough” model that we see around us; this model is based on fear and “survival of the fittest”. The women and men that will go beyond survival and actually thrive are those who can adapt and reconnect with their heart…. the most powerful, magnetic energy organ in the human body.

Try living without your physical heart and see how far you get; it is no different metaphorically from trying to live a healthy, thriving life without feelings that carry the qualities attributed to heart. These love qualities include for example, appreciation, true humility (NOT SELF-DEPREICATION!), forgiveness, joy, connection and spiritual awareness.

When we as women awaken and live into our true potential, nurturing our hearts and minds first and then from a place of fullness give to others, including our businesses, we can overflow/thrive in our personal and business relationships as we share our gifts and talents. This will naturally create more financial abundance as well. Happiness is an inside job and it begins by bringing together the “Ultimate Power Couple” – Your own mind and heart. What do you think about this idea about integration, a life that connects the whole you to your whole life?

Here is the article: American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 2009 1:2, 190-225

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