Being the owner of a private house is not an easy task. You have to keep in order not only an interior but also an exterior. It takes a lot of time and energy. Yet, if your aim is to create an unparalleled landscape design, you should know which trends are popular today and which ones are obsolete. If you want your house to attract attention and please your eyes, it’s not enough just to mow the lawn and plant colorful flowers. You should think about the awesome landscape design.

Yet, there is a wide range of things that were popular a dozen years ago. Nowadays they not only look strange and weird but also are able to spoil any exterior. There is a list of landscape design trends it’s better to avoid.

● The straight lines

What is the most typical shape of flower beds? Of course, the straight lines. We try to plant vines alongside the walkways or in front of the house. It seems to look so neat. Yet, it’s neither natural nor attractive. Nowadays the so-called random perfection becomes more and more popular. It contains various rolling and arching swirls. The more unusual shapes you choose, the better landscape design you get.

There is one problem you may face when dealing with extraordinary shapes. It’s about weeding. The pesky plants are able to appear in any place of your lawn or backyard. They definitely do not add charm to any design. Moreover, they are able to spoil even the most interesting idea. That’s why you should think about the way to cope with weeding.

There are main 3 of them:

● To pull out the grass by hand. It takes an awful lot of time. Moreover, if you don’t pull out the roots of the weeds, they are to appear again and again;
● To apply chemicals. It’s one of the most popular ways among inexperienced landscapers. It really works and kills all the weeds. At the same time, the chemicals are harmful to any plant. It means they are able to kill all your flowers, shrubs, and even some trees, too. There is the only case when it’s a good idea to apply chemicals - when you want to get rid of all vegetation in your household plot;
● To install the garden fabric. It’s a special eco-friendly material that prevents weeding and is absolutely safe for other plants. It’s an ideal variant f you want to solve the problem of weeding for a long time. The weed control fabric has a long service life. There are models that are able to serve for 5+ years.

It’s up to you to choose the most appropriate way of coping with weeds.

● Extraordinary plants

Only a few years ago it was a very trendy thing to plant weird trees or shrubs. For instance, palm in Alaska was one of the greatest dreams of landscapers. Yet, the latest trends are about naturalness. It’s better to pick up plants that are typical for the area you live in. Your landscape looks organic and requires little effort. Yet, if you are a great fan of rare vines, it’s possible to get a couple of unparalleled samples. You can make them a focal point of the design.

● Plastic details

Everyone wants to create comfortable resting zones in the garden or backyard. People can buy various items of furniture or decoration elements to zone the space. It’s a cool idea while relaxing in the fresh air is the best way to get rid of stress and rejuvenate. Yet, it’s better to prefer items made of natural materials such as stone or wood. Youhavetominimizetheuseofplasticarticles.

● Over-used plants

There are people who are flower-addicted. They think that there is no plenty of vines. They tend to plant shrubs, flowerets, and trees everywhere they can. Yet, the up-to-date landscape design is about moderation. It means it’s necessary to combine free space with flower beds and decorations. Especially it’s true about annuals which are able to occupy all the territory.

In conclusion, it’s worth highlighting that modern landscape design is a reality. There is nothing difficult in creating an outstanding outlook without effort.

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