You don't need to buy a magical potion or undergo plastic surgery and borrow a celebrity's face just to make a guy addicted to your love. If you want someone to fall head over heels in love with you, there are far cheaper and more effective ways of doing so.

Tip #1: Look your best.

Love at first sight is not possible, but physical attraction at first glance certainly is. Before you can make a guy addicted to your love, you need to make him addicted to your looks your first. Work on looking your best. There's a difference between being beautiful and attractive, and understanding this will help you get your man.

Even if you're not born with drop-dead gorgeous looks, you can still be stunningly attractive but you have to work hard for it. Learn how to enhance your looks with the right hair cut, makeup, and clothes.

What can you do to make your man crazy about you? Is it possible to make your man love you forever and ever?

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Tip #2: Be confident.

A guy's less likely to be addicted to your love if you don't show him from the start that you're well worth that kind of attention. As such, you can't just talk the talk. You have to walk the walk, too! Carry yourself with confidence. Nice clothes are meant to increase your confidence but not create it. Confidence has to come from within and your sincere belief that you're attractive and able to give as good as it gets.

Tip #3: Have a fulfilling life.

Making a guy addicted to your love doesn't just depend on looking good and being confident. The physical and intimate side of love is just one aspect. You also need to be intellectually stimulating or just plain good company for a guy to be addicted to your love.

Guys may seem shallow with their tastes, but in the end they still want the whole package. They want a girl they'd be proud to have on their arms but they'd also want a girl they could enjoy talking all day long. To be this type of girl, you simply need to enjoy yourself. Don't make your world revolve solely around the guy you like. Find out what else can make you happy. Discover your passion or calling in life.

Tip #4: Love him well.

Remember that love is all about giving and taking. Making a person addicted to your love is one thing. Keeping him addicted is another, but you can easily do that if you love him with all your heart.

It's important to spend more time taking care of your partner instead of using the time to come up with more ways on how he should love you. If you truly love a person, you'll be happier making him happy instead of waiting for him to make you happy. And if he loves you in return, he'll feel the same and act the same way, too.

Tip #5: Ask for advice.

Don't be shy to ask for help whenever needed. Keeping a guy addicted to your love can be hard work at times, and it's simply because men and women think differently. If there are older and more experienced couples you can turn to for advice, don't hesitate to ask for it.

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Make him invest in the relationship - Most women do not realize that what's important for a man is not always what's important for a woman. The biological purpose of life is to survive and procreate. Men have the need to survive and reproduce with a woman before they die. The same desire motivates women.

The ultimate purpose of life is growth. Since men are the ones with the seed, they seek to replicate as quickly as possible. They want to do it when they're healthy. The same applies to women. Men and women don't think about these things consciously. It's all unconscious wiring that's driving them to act in certain ways they cannot comprehend.

When a man starts off a relationship, his ultimate goal is replication (i.e. sex). Even though sex doesn't really mean reproduction of a child, our biology creates the motivation for it. The more sex you have, the higher the chances of your replication. Men can't control these urges. They want to have sex in the shortest and quickest amount of time possible.

For a woman, sex is a very big investment. When you have sex, you are likely to conceive. If you do conceive, you'll need protection to take care of the child. You can't find another man for it. You need the original man to stick to you until the child is an adult. That's why women desire to make a man fall in love with them and make him commit. In a woman's perspective, commitment and protection is important.

We live in a world of instant gratification. We are motivated by our impulses and aren't even aware of why they are present within us. A man's natural impulse is to have sex with a woman. The woman's natural impulse is to find a man who will support her through the entire growth of the child.

When a man gets what he wants (Sex), his impulses are taken care off. He no longer has any desire to pursue the relationship. He can now control his feelings and rationally make choices about the relationship. If he thinks that settling down with this woman will not help him rise higher in life, he chooses to move.

The woman is left alone with nobody for support. When this happens, women tend to feel REALLY hurt. When you have sex with a man, you are literally giving yourself to him. During those moments, you fall in love with him and just can't let go off him.

But for a man, the most vital investment is TIME. The more time and resources you make the man invest into the relationship, the better your chances of making him commit. So the key is to make him spend more time into doing things that please you without giving him the instant gratification (sex). If you can do that successfully, you'll make him fall in love with you for sure.

A man won't be able to leave a woman he's started dating without having sex with her. Extend three dates into five dates and keep extending that. The more you keep him on his toes, the faster he'll fall in love with you without thinking about it.

Specific things you say and do can make a man feel helplessly drawn to you. If you are convinced he is the one there are things you can do to ensure he only has eyes for you. For more insightful tips about understanding men including a way to get him to fall deeply in love with you, visit this informative site!

Have you ever wondered if you could say some magic words to your man and have him hooked? If you're like most women, you're looking for a way to make your man fall deeper in love with you.

Some women are like men magnets. Men seek them out to talk to them. Men fall easily in love with them. Men adore them and do just about anything for them. What are these women doing? What is their secret?

The secret is: These women understand men on a deep core level.

A lot of women have a hard time understanding men. They are left worried and confused. They don't understand why men say one thing and do the next. They find it confusing when a man says he'll call and then don't. To make matters worst, when you have your hopes up about a man you seemed to have hit it off with, it's even more devastating when he seems into you one minute then act totally distant the next.

In order to make a man addicted to you, it's important to know how men respond to attraction - this is the fastest way to text the romance back. Your way of relating to your friends is very different from how your man relates to you. You're taught to be flirty, use your body language, and say certain things. But in order to spark a deeper attraction inside of your man, where he feels totally addicted to you, you have to go deeper.

Going deeper means finding out how your guy tick on a deep level. Knowing his deepest needs, learning things about him he doesn't share with anyone else. Some women have a way to get men to open up even though they seem distant or preoccupied. Once you learn this way of opening your guy up, you'll be amazed at the magic right before your eyes.

Men confess that they really want to be understood. Most of the times we aren't aware that men just want to be loved as much as how we want to feel loved. Your man is secretly wanting you to adore him. But not in a way that turns him off. He wants to feel like he can't get enough of you. He wants to smile when he sees your text messages. He even wants to share them with his buddies because he's that into you.

If you really want to attract him and bring the romance back, start to learn the words that make men fall in love. Start to learn how to speak his language. Men are simple. They respond based on what you say and how you act. If you want to change your relationship or love life right now, and bring your man back if he's distant, learn how to use the power of connecting deeper with him to make him more addicted to you than ever before.

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