Weight loss success will elude you if you try to change too many things at once. Take it one step at a time and see what a difference it makes.

In the old days, when I would decide to go on a diet, I would immediately start thinking of all the foods I couldn’t have. I would think about the ice cream I would never eat again, the greasy tacos that would pass me by, and the cheesecake that would never again be on my plate.

I would lament the end of happy hours after work, pizza after the company ball game, and all of the many occasions when friends or family would gather over food or drink. It was all over for me. I was going on a diet and life as I knew it was ending.

Psychologists call this “all or nothing thinking”. It’s a common thought pattern for those of us who struggle with overeating. There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground. Either we are eating whatever is not nailed down or we are almost fasting. Neither of these alternatives is useful and both bring misery.

We hear the battle cry “everything in moderation” from the fitness gurus but moderation eludes us. Where exactly do you shop for moderation?

I have been on every diet known to man, and still no weight loss success so I decided to do something different. Instead of saying goodbye to all the foods I enjoy and dwelling on what I couldn’t have, I would change just one thing. I would form and shape and hone that one thing until it was something I could live with and enjoy, then I would move on to another thing.

I started with breakfast. That’s the only thing I would change and I would change it in a way that gave me pleasure. My focus became finding all of the delicious and healthy foods I could include in my breakfast each day and still keep the meal within the parameters I had set for my eating plan.

Lunch, dinner, snacks would be what they had always been but breakfast would be different. So I set about investigating all of the possibilities for breakfast. I tried new fruits. I discovered the wonders of Greek yogurt. I investigated whole grain breads for the perfect piece of toast. And each day I had this beautifully sculpted breakfast that I enjoyed with gusto.

Believe it or not, it wasn’t difficult. It was actually fun. Not wanting to acknowledge the severity of my problem eating, it had been a long time since I had examined a nutrition label or did any creative cooking to showcase healthy foods.

I had always been a defiant eater, and I would go out of my way to consume the worst possible combination of foods that totally lacked any hint of nutrition.

When I began my new breakfast routine, there was genuine pleasure in eating instead of the momentary high followed by the mind numbing low and the guilt that had accompanied all meals in the past. After I mastered the art of breakfast, I moved on to lunch and …

I’m sure you get the drift of where this is going. Today, I am free of the prison that food had created in my life. It took a little time, but I cannot begin to measure its worth. The biggest change, aside from the food, was the end of the perpetual chatter in my head. Those of you who have experienced it know exactly what I mean.

If you are struggling with eating issues and seeking weight loss success I challenge you to try to change just one thing and see just how big a real change it will make in your life.

Remember the words of Julia Child, “Life itself is the proper binge”.

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Lynn Scott is a retired accounting professional who has struggled with food and eating issues throughout her life. Now that she has found success she is anxious to share it with others.
Visit her website http://www.healthy-eating-support.com for information about nutrition, healthy eating, weight loss, problem eating and support.