People break New Year’s Resolutions and fall short on reaching personal goals all of the time. If you reach this one goal, you will easily reach all of your others.
Set a goal to become consistent in everything that you do.
The actual tasks that are required to attain our goals in life are usually ridiculously easy. The act of exercising and eating something that is healthy is easy to do. The act of picking up the phone, and calling a prospect in your business is easy to do.
The reason that reaching your goals may seem so difficult is because you are human, and humans are emotional.
That means as soon as we don’t FEEL like doing the thing that will get us closer to our goal, we usually won’t do it.
If our feelings get hurt, we become emotional and might stop taking action on our goals for an extended period of time.
Machines on the other hand, are more reliable than humans. They just perform mundane tasks over and over again. There is no emotion attached. I guess that is why machines are replacing humans in the job market more and more every day.
The first step in reaching your goal is find out what the exact actions that you need to take every day to reach that goal. This should be easy to do. All you have to do is find someone who is already where you want to be, and then do what they did to get there.
The next step is to perform those actions every single day until you reach your goal. That is where consistency comes in to play. This is also where most people usually drop the ball.
To reach your weight loss goal, all you have to do is eat healthy and exercise consistently for an extended period of time. At the same time, stop doing the self-defeating things like buying Little Debbie cakes and snacking on those several times each day.
If you are building a network marketing business, the most productive activity that you can do to reach the next level is to talk to people. This includes picking up the phone and calling your leads, and opening your mouth and talking to the people that you encounter in your every day routine.
Since we are humans, most of us who start in a network marketing business, tend to spend most of our time doing the things that make us look and feel like we are in business (i.e. blogging, writing articles, personal development, shopping for business clothes and/or business tools, etc…), but we do not make much money.
Those activities are important too, but it is important for us to manage our time wisely and be sure to include time to actually do the thing that will help us reach our goal in our daily routine.
If you are somebody who sets a lot of goals but never reaches any of them, stop setting goals!
Just set a goal to be consistent in everything that you do, for an entire year.
Much Success,
Jeremiah Carstarphen, The Cartoon Coach
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Jeremiah Carstarphen, The Cartoon Coach
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