The founder of chiropractic treatment was known as David D. Plamer, and he offered the treatment to a patient who was suffering from hearing difficulty. The problem was a compression of the nerves going to the ear making the patient have difficulties in hearing. He did this by making some adjustments to the spine in order to lessen the compression of the nerve, to help restore the patient’s hearing. Fenton chiropractic office is one of the renowned chiropractor clinics that you can ever find in Fenton, MI. We have successfully treated patients, who have been able to live life to the fullest. It does not matter whether you are suffering from sciatica or gastrointestinal discomfort, at Fenton Chiropractic Office, we treat many other ailments too. We are not the typical chiropractor office that you have heard about or come across. What makes us different is the way we perform spinal correction treatment. Fenton Chiropractic Office is a corrective care office where we employ cutting edge digital x-ray together with in-depth, motion study x-ray analysis to ascertain the root cause of your disease and pain.

Fenton Chiropractic Office uses the findings from your history and examination results to create a plan of action to help you function and feel better. If you are searching for the best chiropractor clinic in your area, Fenton Chiropractic Office is the place to go. We stand out from the crowd by ensuring that first and foremost is to take x-rays. Any chiropractor working on you without x-rays then, that is a chiropractor who is working blindly. Do not let anyone just feel stuff with their hands, they can never be accurate, this is like gambling with your life and the life of your family too. At Fenton Chiropractic Office, we do not just take x-rays for profits, we do this in order for the x-rays to guide us in finding out and seeing where and how the adjustments should be done. Our main aim at Painless Chiropractor is to offer long term relief to our patients at all times. We look to restore normal structure but not focused on symptom relief only. This has made our clinic to be the only chiropractor treatment center for patients all over Fenton, MI.

Fenton Chiropractic Office aims at ensuring that we address the four areas that affect the adult spine, in order to address the structural correction resulting in a healthier lifestyle. These areas include weakness in supportive tissues, posture, loss of movement resulting in the degenerative process, and improper curvature. Fenton Chiropractic Office puts our skills and reputation on the line in order to help you change the shape of your spine and work towards reversing the degeneration. We are familiar and used to accurately assess an abnormal disc function and correct it, then assess it again by taking a post-x-ray. We are the chiropractors who work with patients with a history of spinal injury. Fenton Chiropractic Office works with a lot of skill and accuracy to ensure that the process goes well since we are aware that there is a failure rate of more than 80 percent of patients who have undergone spinal surgery.

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