There are many skills it takes to grow, sustain, and build a business. Everything from marketing, mindset, and math has to be in play to make real money and a real difference. All of the education, time, and money you have put into growing your business won't much matter if you don't embody this- tenacity!

Never give up. Never quit.

People always want to know how I did it and what the one big shift was that happened.

It's simple.

I didn't stop. I didn't stop when:

* People said No.

* I ran out of money.

* I got tired.

* I went dry creatively.

* Someone hurt my feelings.

* Someone no showed.

* People discouraged me.

* I felt I wasn't enough.

* I was told I wasn't enough.

* The clients I did have left.

* No one new came.

* The car broke down.

* A family member died.

* I was confused.

* I was scared.

I didn't stop.

The greatest business skill set you need is tenacity. All the other stuff just make this path easier. Tenacity makes the path possible. Now, here's what you do:

When the money runs out... Get a job! (I like to call it a business loan) Fund your dream...if you believe in it enough, find the income stream to support it.

When people leave... Find new people! Clients leave for a reason. They are often afraid of success and some leave because they are complete. Let them go, take a breath, and ASK - find new people to share your message. Don't stop.

When you are scared... Go through it! The only way out is through. There is no magic pill. There is no step-by-step system for fear. When you do it it gets easier... when you build that muscle you get braver. Courage is a learned skill.

When you get tired... Ask for help! No man is an island. I didn't build this alone and neither can you. You need to only work in your brilliance and delegate the rest.

When someone hurts your feelings... Remember who you are! I didn't get in this business to make friends. I do this to make a difference. Not everyone will like me, my style, or my methods. There are other coaches for them. I know who I am.

When you feel you aren't enough... Know the truth. You are a child of God. You are here to let your light shine and you are enough. If you are reading this email it means you believe in possibility. Share that possibility for it is love.

Tenacity. The only business skill you ever need to know.

(c) 2010 Suzanne Evans

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